YouTuber The Segment Joins Big Names On Pentas.IO To Release Exclusive NFT Collection

In this collaboration, Sue Anna Joe, BadApe, RoachPunk and The Segment teamed up to launch limited edition NFTs.

YouTuber The Segment Joins Big Names On Pentas.IO To Release Exclusive NFT Collection

NFT artists Sue Anna Joe, Muhammad Khairi Mohamed Razid, the BadApe team and YouTuber The Segment have announced a collaboration to bring an exclusive limited-edition collection of NFTs to Pentas.IO, a Malaysian NFT marketplace.

Sue Anna Joe is one of the top artists on the Pentas.IO platform. On the12th December 2021, her artwork, "Rusuk Emas", was sold for a whopping 22 BNB (approximately RM52,000 at that time), making it one of the most expensive NFT art ever sold on Pentas.IO. Sue was offered RM300 for the same piece of art earlier in 2021. However, thanks to sites such as Pentas.IO, her work reached more buyers and sold much higher than the original offer.

Muhammad Khairi Mohamed Razid is the master breeder behind the RoachPunk NFT project. The project is a collection of 2,222 unique NFT roaches minted on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Each roach breed is generated randomly by the master breeder and owned by the community.

The BadApe NFT project was founded in October 2021, comprising three talented people, Moonjay, Ikbal and Nazri Naza. This long-term project will eventually lead to the BadApe Metaverse and a Play-to Earn game.

Hafiz Hadi is the man behind the spine-chilling ghost stories on The Segment. The Segment started as a horror chat fiction on YouTube. He instantly gained popularity and moved to video podcasting as he wanted to tell his stories in person. Hafiz has gained 37,000 subscribers and counting.

Earlier in March, the TSNFT X BADAPE NFT was sold for 0.23 BNB (approximately RM370 at that time). The next drop, the TSNFT X ROACHPUNK NFT, is scheduled for the end of March, followed by TSNFT X SUE ANNA JOE NFT planned for April. 

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