THEMETTAVERSE launches as Singapore’s largest virtual real estate business

THEMETTAVERSE, a full suite virtual real estate company based in Singapore that owns and manages virtual real estate in the Metaverse. We are announcing its launch to promote mass adoption of these digital assets, and an easy and cost-effective entry point for individuals and organisations to enter popular virtual worlds.

THEMETTAVERSE launches as Singapore’s largest virtual real estate business

Singapore-based virtual real estate business, THEMETTAVERSE, launches today. The company currently manages 35 plots of land in popular metaverses that are valued at US$ 530,000, making them the largest player in Singapore.

NFTs have seen a meteoric rise as an asset class, with NFT sales have gone up eightfold from the second quarter to the third quarter of 2021, reaching US$10.7 billion. NFTs are the building blocks of the metaverse, a report from CNBC cited that metaverse real estate sales topped US$ 500 million in 2021, and are projected to double in 2022.

THEMETTAVERSE was founded by Jaye Foo and David Ebenezer Toh, who are also the respective founders of The Parlour and Ebenex. The duos shared experience as entrepreneurs in the arts and media space, and passion for growing the Singapore music ecosystem and their communities as council members of The Music Society, Singapore (SGMUSO) brought them together.

Jaye and David are active members of the regional cryptocurrency and NFT space. The recent metaverse concert organised by the pair on 30 January for Singaporean DJ, MYRNE, was met with great success. This strengthened their conviction that when harnessed strategically, cryptocurrencies and NFTs can be a catalyst that empowers, and broadens the reach of artists.

THEMETTAVERSE seeks to become the premier metaverse real estate company in Singapore, that is positioned to create a parallel universe, helping brands translate their presence and engagement for both the physical and virtual space. To date, the company has a collection of 35 plots of land across popular metaverses like Decentraland and The Sandbox. Their initial investment of US$ 280,000 is currently valuated at US$ 530,000, with plans to rapidly expand its inventory.

Their flagship listing is a 16m x 16m estate in Decentraland called The Village”. The venue is off the main road from Genesis Plaza and is available for rent. This effort is in tandem with support in the physical space with a clubhouse at The Parlour Singapore, where networking sessions and talks will be conducted for members to grow and educate the community.

Ive always believed in the value of real estate, so the virtual estate is no different. Especially because proof of ownership is guaranteed with the power of blockchain.

David was the only person as crazy about the metaverse as I was, so we started investing in land together. We complement each other greatly with his technical genius and my creative mind. We aim to become the largest and highest income-generating virtual real estate in the world. We also aim to educate people about the metaverse, blockchain and how it can improve their lives and prove to be a good investment.” Says Jaye.

Moving forward, the company has a roadmap planned with exciting milestones that reflect the rapid pace of the crypto space. THEMETTAVERSEs official slogan is WAGMI”, a crypto slang for We All Gonna Make It”, and the title of a track from Jaye. The company will be having a launch party in the metaverse on 28 February at 2200 SGT, details will be shared on their discord channel.

In Q2 2022 the milestones include the tokenisation of THEMETTAVERSE, a pre-sale for their REIT NFTs that can be staked for passive earnings, and the launch of their DAO along with an exclusive Owners Club to reward early adopters, and members.