Tevent Officially Launches An Interactive Platform To Deliver Engaging, Accessible And Sustainable Online Events

Tevent enables SMEs & Communities to create engaging and sustainable virtual events via its platform that offers all features for free, forever

Tevent Officially Launches An Interactive Platform To Deliver Engaging, Accessible And Sustainable Online Events

Tevent, an event technology startup, has officially launched its all-in-one socials plus virtual event management platform that is said to be ten times more affordable than industry giants Hopin and Runtheworld. Committed to keeping its interactive platform accessible, Tevent offers an affordable virtual event experience that allows anyone to host gatherings and groups in their space. Now in its early access or beta phase, Tevent offers a free plan for a one-hour online event with up to 100 attendees that costs $664 in Hopin and $744 in Runtheworld.

According to Ahmed Amer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tevent, the platform was built and created for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are currently unable to access dedicated virtual event platforms due to price and technical barriers.

“As we understand the demand for virtual events software, we at Tevent aim to equip SMEs with the tools for creating virtual events that build a sociable, sustainable, and connected future. Using the platform, entrepreneurs and businesses can host dynamic events and collaborate with ease. They can expose their brand and thought leadership, and generate leads, with super engaging external-facing webinars and talks. Influencers and creators can also use Tevent for their community engagements and interactive podcast type of content,” said Amer.

"On a mission to make connections engaging, accessible, and sustainable, Tevent will always offer a free option for smaller groups. Users can expect our paid tiers to be significantly cheaper than competitive offerings. We aim to create engaging virtual events that facilitate meaningful interactions and lasting connections as we become the top choice in terms of affordability, ease of use, and value for money,” he added.

Amer also mentioned that users can host webinars and build a community around their brand through the platform in a few clicks. It is so accessible that anyone can set up events with no technical knowledge required– one-click stock assets and frictionless registration. It is also flexible, transparent, and affordable, as all features are included even in their free plan.

Host virtual and hybrid events on Tevent for free

As an all-in-one event management platform, event organizers will be able to create virtual events on Tevent even with its free plan. Tevent is free to host events for up to 100 registrants with a duration of one hour. This is ideal for small webinars, internal meetings, meetups, and personal events.

With this free plan, users can create their own webinars, workshops or socials. The plan also includes other features such as unlimited hosts, real-time no lag HD, and endless interactive features such as polls, Q&As, reactions etc. There are no limits to events or sessions that can be hosted during the early access phase of the platform, but the number of attendees will have a fixed capacity according to the user’s space, which will be set at a generous maximum until their pricing tiers come into effect.

Designed to bring back the sociability, excitement, and spontaneity that were taken for granted in physical events, attendees can navigate a living, vibrant space with customisable session formats and stay connected with a fully-fledged social networking layer for group chats, meetings, and more.

It also has a feature called "Spaces," a permanent, feature-packed hub to bring a community together. It offers a deeply integrated social media-style networking like LinkedIn, where you can schedule meetings, add contacts, create group chats and calls on the fly, send GIFs, and much more.

The platform is also engaging, with a people-first design that gives an unmatched sense of life and spontaneity, making virtual fun and natural, not an awkward chore. It has customisable room layouts, enabling a multitude of formats taken for granted with physical events. Tevent has recently made headlines after raising a 1.5M GBP seed round throughout its series of seed funding rounds to support its product development. The company secured significant financial backing from leading Silicon Valley investors.

The UK-based start-up launched its early access public beta product in late August 2021 and started marketing it in November 2021. Since then, they got short of 2000 sign-ups. In 2022, they generated 1357 sign-ups and traction started picking up now as they gathered 416 additional sign-ups in March 2022. Tevent’s Growth presents consistently strong results, with a 27% Compounded Monthly Growth Rate (CMGR) as of April 2022.