Startup Funding, Wikisoft Corp. Plans Digital Shake-Up

Wikisoft Corp., a big data and business analytics company, announced plans to digitize startup funding and accelerate matching startups with investors.

Startup Funding, Wikisoft Corp. Plans Digital Shake-Up
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Once a startup's seed investment round is secured then the fledgling company powers ahead to create a minimal viable product (MVP). Once the MVP is proven, the founders of the startup will soon require further investment to accelerate growth. They participate in a series of investment rounds - series A, B or C, depending on the maturity of the business.

This is a stressful period and an arduous process involving introductions, pitches, negotiations, term sheets, and all the intricacies that go with each stage and every round. The time is ripe to change from manual processes to digital, creating a trusted and authenticated system to bring together high-potential, dynamic, young, fully-operational startups with groups of wily discerning tech investors looking for capital appreciation.

Deloitte recently wrote that 23% of the fund order process is still being handled manually, mainly through fax orders which have a significant impact on distribution costs. PwC surveyed 100 Private Equity houses with a minimum EUR250m asset under management. The PE houses named digitization as the most important megatrend influencing the new investment.

Wikisoft, listed on OTCQB, is a fast-growing, international, agile, big-data-powered, company that in today's fast-moving business world of increasing globalization leverages big data and associated insights from global business datasets to improve performance.

In line with this new phase of digitization and globalization, Wikisoft sees a growing demand for access to credible and reliable business data about startups and investors and has the ambition to digitalize the process of matching the right startup with the right investor and accelerate the investment process.

Carsten Kjems Falk, Wikisoft's CEO, spoke about the company's vision, "Our advancement will accelerate matching investor to startup, and vice versa, at lower risk through credible and reliable business data. Series A, B and C investment rounds will be more efficient for all parties via digitization. It will enable startups to concentrate on scaling up their business, becoming highly valued, and eventually opening the possibilities for even further expansion. Investors will have an efficient way of finding prospects and making the right investments."