Southeast Asia-Based Crypto Investment Platform Coinomo Launches OMO Finance

The company launched its beta version in June to Taiwan and Indonesia as its first markets.

Southeast Asia-Based Crypto Investment Platform Coinomo Launches OMO Finance
Photo by sergeitokmakov on Pixabay

Within 6 months since they were founded, Coinomo now has over 10,000 premium, crypto investors, worldwide and has received investments from top VCs like Vertex Ventures and Razer’s zVentures.

Coinomo, a Southeast Asia-focused crypto investment platform, announces the launch of OMO Finance, its premium suite of products and services. This development comes just after 6 months since the company launched its retail product in Taiwan and Indonesia. The venture-backed firm provides a one-stop investment platform for crypto-related investment. 

“I am from the classical financial world, and I have witnessed the change of attitudes towards crypto from my friends. Most of them are highly successful professionals or technopreneurs, and their interests in crypto have become real and fast. FOMO (fear of losing out) is definitely one of the key drivers, the other reasons include they are considering incorporating crypto in their own business or they want to diversify their investment portfolio. A recurring message we heard is that they are not happy with the bank rates and stock market returns. Some of them invested in macro-funds that returned handsomely in 2020, but have since become lacklustre in 2021,” Evie Zhang, CEO of Coinomo, shares.

OMO Finance provides investment-grade products utilizing sophisticated derivatives trading strategy with underlying crypto-assets, to provide the best risk and return combinations for high-net-worth, family offices and institutional investors. 

While Coinomo provides a mobile application for retail investors to invest at will, OMO Finance is a suite of managed products and services for premium customers. Products are structured after classical financial instruments with crypto assets such as crypto derivatives, options contracts, cryptocurrency, etc. as the underlying. 

On top of the product offerings, OMO Finance also provides dedicated account managers to each of the OMO Finance premium customers with true concierge service. Handhold customers through the complex processes of crossing over to the crypto world and be a reliable voice to answer any questions about crypto in general. 

Diversify with style and high returns

Crypto investments have been proven to be a great diversification to traditional assets. According to data compiled by VanEck in early 2021, there was almost no discernible pattern between the movements of Bitcoin and other markets, including S&P 500, bonds, gold, real estate and others, for the period 2013 to 2019. 

The underlying volatility associated with crypto heightened the product returns as they are based on derivatives products and thrive on volatility. Institutional and high-net-worth investors alike are all in hot pursuit of alternative investment to diversify and earn. Diversification with crypto is trendy and the returns are too good to be left on the table. 

OMO Finance provides various risk and returns combinations, from low-risk DeFi (decentralized finance) products to actively managed crypto derivatives products. OMO Finance’s products are carefully selected by an experienced investment team to offer strong returns for their investors.

Evie also shared, “From Day One, service has always been key to our product. In the mobile application Coinomo, we want to simplify crypto buying as easy as online shopping. And in OMO Finance, we provide concierge service to customers, so they can ask us anything about crypto and get handheld through the nitty-gritty onboarding processes. I think this sense of having a reliable voice in a completely new field is critical. We have quite a prestigious list of investors including Vertex, Razer, Spartan and more. They often consult us on all things crypto, because they trust our knowledge and expertise. That’s the exact kind of relationship we want to build with our customers too.” 

Continued strong investor interests in crypto 

The first publicly traded Bitcoin Futures ETF was launched on NYSE on the 19th of October. This is a symbol of continued investor fervour in the crypto space. With more and more institutional traders and investors in the game, investments in crypto assets have become more and more mainstream.

As the yields in stock markets stagnate, seasoned investors are doubling down on cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets investments. A recent study conducted by Fidelity Digital Assets found that more than half of the 1,100 institutional investors surveyed between December 2020 and April 2021, revealed that they already own crypto investments.

“The global acceptance of crypto as a mainstream long-term investment option is unmistakable. The latest Bitcoin Futures ETF launch seems to be the last signal that mainstream investors need to cross over to the crypto world. OMO Finance was actually a suite of products that we designed and deployed to invest our own family money, and the strategy has been tested through market boom and bear. A lot of our premium customers are very familiar with classical financial instruments, which makes understanding our products very easy for them. OMO Finance wants to be the bridge between the classical and crypto financial world and become a reliable voice to our customers in demystifying crypto,” shared Evie.