Singapore’s First NFT Bar & Lounge Launches

Singapore’s first ever (Non-Fungible Token) NFT bar and lounge has free entry to the venue, and the gallery space houses 20 custom displays. The lineup of projects and artists is changed weekly, accepting suggestions from the audience on what they want to see. It is also a hub for events for community meet-ups.

Singapore’s First NFT Bar & Lounge Launches

The Parlour Singapore, will house the country’s first NFT bar and lounge. This is a chance for web 3 enthusiasts and art-lovers to see a fresh lineup of NFT projects and artists weekly in real life. This venue was created by to meet the demand driven by the burgeoning NFT community.

Part of the Parlour Global brand, The Parlour Singapore was launched in November 2019 by Jaye Foo, a multi-disciplinary artist, and entrepreneur. Envisioned as a melting pot for creatives and artists to showcase their work, and discuss and improve their craft, The Parlour Singapore is home to a photography studio, recording studio, and music production school as part of the growing collective. 

Together with acclaimed Bulgarian artist, Mihov, Jaye headed Singapore’s first-ever cross-border NFT arts exhibition entitled “Broken Capitalism” from 25 November till 8 December in 2021. The positive reception, together with his experience and passion as an artist and entrepreneur, led to the conceptualisation of the NFT bar and lounge.

“We are really appreciative of The Parlour Singapore for giving us a space to host our event, that saw a fantastic turnout. It was great to be able to gather like-minded people, and witness first hand the NFT community growing in Singapore.” Says Dickson Liew, a freelance art director and founder of the NFT project, The Other Side, which was featured recently in the space.

This sentiment is echoed by Tammy Tay, founder of NFT project, TTTreasures. “The Parlour Singapore has been pivotal in helping us host our first community meet up session! This enabled us to successfully meet various members of the respectful community. It’s wonderful that the owner is also an NFT enthusiast and we can’t wait to meet more fellow project owners in this physical space.”  

The venue spans the first two floors of the space; The Parlour Mirage is situated on the first floor and serves a range of craft beer paired with a Japanese and Mediterranean inspired menu, while the second floor is a lounge to socialise and mingle. 20 custom displays are spread across both floors that show different NFT art pieces for visitors and patrons.

The 20 custom displays are programmable to show different NFT art pieces that gallery attendees can enjoy. With the added functionality of QR codes, attendees can learn more about the different art pieces and the collections they belong to, and make transactions through their NFT wallets. 

Supporting NFT events from pre to post-launch to connect artists and their fans is the main highlight of visiting the venue. For Jaye, however, balancing exposure to NFTs with education will be the way forward. NFT workshops and educational talks are in the works to help grow the community safely, and responsibly.  

Jaye has been a forerunner in championing the arts and giving creatives a voice and had finished his latest exhibition working with The Creative Community for S.E.A. A strong advocate and key member of the NFT community, Jaye believes that NFTs hold great potential to empower artists. The Parlour Singapore’s direction has caught the attention of other groups, such as NFTAsia who are keen to take them on as a venue partner.

“I want The Parlour Singapore to be the launchpad for NFT projects and artists. A safe space to share exciting new work, and discuss the possibilities of the technology. I hope that in time to come, this space will be an NFT hub for Singapore and the region.” Says Jaye. 

Interested parties can get in touch with Jaye