Reprise & Prodiet Show The Uprising Of Cats For 100% Real Seafood

Reprise Digital, the full-service integrated communications agency within the IPG Mediabrands network, has launched a new campaign for pet food company ProDiet.

Reprise & Prodiet Show The Uprising Of Cats For 100% Real Seafood
Photo by Ludemeula Fernandes on Unsplash

The Kami Nak 100% Makanan Laut! (We Want Real Seafood) campaign launched with a teaser and film shot from the perspective of cats demanding real seafood from their pet owners. The playful take on the messaging was further cemented through the campaign microsite featuring commentary, posters and a petition to join the uprising for real seafood.

Mandar Wairkar, Creative Director of Reprise Digital said, “We really flexed our ‘cathletic’ minds with this campaign, right down to bringing cats in for a focus group discussion. They meowed, we listened. Since cats are notoriously fussy eaters, we chose to give them a dissenting voice to demand better food. And ProDiet’s proposition of 100% real seafood has allowed us to create a pet revolution of sorts. Something that is by cats, for cats.” 

Mr PY Choy, CEO of ProDiet said, “We were excited by the enthusiasm of the Reprise team to challenge this idea of 100% Real Seafood. What better way to show this off than through the cats? This quirky idea of cats not getting the real deal and standing up to their owners was very compelling, with the campaign having potential for further legs down the line to show the aftereffects of this cat uprising. A fun, bizarre and comical campaign that we hope all cat and pet owners will enjoy.” 

The film and microsite messaging sees the cats leaving threatening messages for their owners demanding real seafood, meeting in a cat parliament (Parlimeow), with protest slogans including ‘nine lives matter’ and tips and tricks for their fellow cats to learn how to deal with owners’ non-compliance to real food requests. 

Mandar adds, “By getting into the minds of cats, we played out these very real problems from their perspective and imagined how the conversation would go between them. The lingo, grammar and spelling are all reflected in cat-speak, so to say. It was a tremendously fun process to reimagine things in this way, and we definitely hope Malaysians find it a-meow-sing.” 

The integrated campaign in Bahasa Malaysia runs till March, with the film released across all digital platforms. 

ProDiet® is an international brand founded in 2006, devoted to producing ‘Uncompromising Pet Nutrition’ for pets to have more meaningful memories together. ProDiet takes pride in sharing its achievement of using 100% Real Seafood, with products offering real fish pieces. ProDiet products are available in PetSupply, Shopee & Lazada.