Maxi-Cash Announces Two New Brand Ambassadors Targeting Modern Women

Maxi-Cash taps local celebrities Phyllis Quek and Tasha Low as its newest brand ambassadors.

Maxi-Cash Announces Two New Brand Ambassadors Targeting Modern Women

At the forefront of the gold jewellery segment for the past 13 years, Maxi-Cash continues to strengthen their position as a modern gold jeweller with the launch of their newest campaign – “Light Up in Gold”. The campaign also features two new brand ambassadors – Phyllis Quek, one of Singapore’s established actresses and Tasha Low, former leader of K-pop idol group, Skarf, and current up-and-coming star in the local television scene. 

The duo stars in Maxi-Cash’s newest campaign which centers around Maxi-Cash’s brand-new gold jewellery collection that is dedicated to modern, well-heeled women who appreciate stylish and contemporary gold jewellery pieces. The collection is founded on the belief that every woman should be able to wear versatile gold jewellery on a day-to-day basis and express themselves more confidently. 

Phyllis and Tasha were identified for their brilliant achievements in their career as well as their scintillating persona, which captures the essence of what gold means to Maxi-Cash. Embodying the elegance and stalwart nature of gold, Phyllis Quek, a well-known name in the Singapore entertainment scene, reflects these values throughout her career. The graceful 48-year old actress brings forth class, refinement and stylishness to the Maxi-Cash brand, whilst Tasha Low, Singapore’s very own K-Pop sensation, is a multi-talented starlet who personifies the youthful exuberance and versatility of gold, which can be seen in Maxi-Cash’s new gold collection.

Ng Kean Seen, Deputy CEO of Maxi-Cash said, “Consumers are increasingly turning to items that have intrinsic value such as gold jewellery. This is especially so during the pandemic when consumers appreciate the flexibility of gold, which can be easily monetised. Seizing this upward trend, we felt it is an opportunity to reinforce our expertise in gold jewellery especially in new gold designs which are very popular right now.”

Elated about her partnership with Maxi-Cash, Phyllis Quek said, “I have always been a fan of jewellery, gold jewellery in particular. Gold has an effect on the wearer, it elevates us, draws out our confidence, and most importantly, allows us to express who we are and present our best possible self to the world. This is how I interpret the Maxi-Cash ‘Light Up In Gold’ campaign.”

“My face lit up immediately when I saw all the latest gold designs at the Maxi-Cash photoshoot. They are so versatile and modern looking. The sleek and minimalistic aesthetic of their new jewellery collection resonates with the current trends that I love.” added Tasha Low.

The new gold collection has an assortment of 999 Pure Gold, 916 Gold & 18K Yellow Gold - the three main types of gold in the jewellery market currently. It features necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings in elegant gold or set with diamonds or gemstones. These iconic designs transcend generations targeting Maxi-Cash’s growing base of modern women, perfect for any occasion for both daytime and evening looks.