Marketing In Asia Launches MIA Services And MIA Talent

Marketing In Asia has launched MIA Services And MIA Talent as part of their offers.

Marketing In Asia Launches MIA Services And MIA Talent
Photo by Yong Chuan Tan on Unsplash

Marketing In Asia (MIA) has been offering its MIA Premium service to customers since 2019. A large number of individuals and brands are using its platform to elevate their social proof strategy. By taking advantage of its paid interview and content premium features, thousands of MIA's growing traffic come and view those content. Some of these customers managed to monetise those traffic while others managed to bring their branding to the next level. In the end, their brand authority improves tremendously. Many customers started to receive invitations to speak in large conferences, be a judge to competitions and secure international projects. 

MIA has announced that it is now open for business today and they've added two new verticals as part of their offers.

MIA Services

MIA is accepting tasks to handle such as creating and developing content. To date, they have more than 100 strong community members whom they acknowledge as experts in what they do. From blogging and copywriting to video shooting, editing, graphic designing, web developing, SEO, advertising right up to lead generation. MIA has the capability to deliver and wish to partner with brands that are keen to outsource their daily marketing tasks.

MIA Talents

Some companies prefer to keep things in-house due to bad experiences with outsourcing. MIA has the capability to place marketing talents, be it a Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Content Writer, or Video Editor. MIA focuses on marketing-related talents and nothing more.

MIA is looking forward to working together on the above verticals. They can help you in distributing content via MIA Premium and get Asia to notice you. They can also create quality content through their MIA Services as well as place the right marketing talents in your company via MIA Talents.

Please reach out to Marketing In Asia here.