Lemma Offers Free CMS To DOOH Screen Owners Globally, Converting Screens To Self-Sustaining Assets At Zero Cost

The announcement comes at a time when many DOOH players are struggling with the expense of screens/networks maintenance & added software cost.

Lemma Offers Free CMS To DOOH Screen Owners Globally, Converting Screens To Self-Sustaining Assets At Zero Cost
Photo by Joe Yates on Unsplash

Lemma one of the largest and fastest-growing digital out of home network, today announced free CMS (Content Management system) to DOOH screen owners globally. Although the solution has always been offered for free, an official announcement is being issued to aid those media owners who are still using other paid CMS solutions.

In the wake of the pandemic Lemma aims to connect DOOH screens to mainstream digital by extending a standard programmatic compatible CMS platform at no cost, invariably converting DOOH screens to self-sustaining systems, generating profits through inventory monetization. In other words, converting cost centres into profit centres. 

Being an ISO certified CMS, it provides multi-layered protection against illegal access, follows strict access control and global digital advertisement standards and is interoperable with global programmatic demand platforms. Additionally, Lemma CMS offers white label and customized solutions like logo and brand name inclusion on the CMS, giving publishers the liberty to present it as their own while offering infrastructural flexibility to scale one’s business and generate revenue independently or trade their media openly through Lemma programmatic platform.                   

A feature-rich CMS, built to handle remote content distribution across a single screen or a network of screens with an advanced content review mechanism in place, it permits owners to both curate and negate content they find unsuitable for rendering, using either the web portal or the mobile application. The CMS has built-in cutting-edge content management features, like scheduling different content for different screens, live data triggered content rendering like scores, weather, stock market updates, etc. splitting the screen into sections to run various content simultaneously and providing a detailed real-time report for each screen for owners to analyze. 

Gulab Patil, Founder and CEO Lemma, said, “As stakeholders of the OOH ecosystem we’ve always been of the opinion to empower screen owners with the very basic to start monetization of their screens and convert them to revenue generators. A step ahead in this direction during these trying times, we’ve decided to make a formal announcement to ensure the message reaches all screen owners who probably are still paying additional software cost which can be easily avoided.”

In addition to being compatible with all hardware and operating systems, the CMS also takes care of the underlying requirements like maintenance, upgrades and more.

A point to note, even with Lemma CMS installed the screen owners will continue to retain 100% control of the screen, its content and all other factors that are important to them, whether they chose to monetize it or not. Lemma aims to continually enhance DOOH screens providing the latest technology and regular system updates through a single click system, much like how apps are installed and updated on mobile devices today.