Joye Has Partnered With Microsoft To Launch An Innovative Mental Fitness Habit In Microsoft Teams

As we start 2022 and employees are returning to work, it's time for a mental fitness habit. Joye for Microsoft Teams is that engaging experience to make mental wellbeing into a habit, the mental fitness habit - your '10,000 steps' of mental wellbeing! We are encouraging enterprise leaders to easily activate Joye's mental fitness habit in Teams - to prevent burnout and improve productivity for their workforce.

Joye Has Partnered With Microsoft To Launch An Innovative Mental Fitness Habit In Microsoft Teams
Joye in Microsoft Teams

Joye, a Singapore-based wellbeing technology company, has partnered with Microsoft to bring an engaging mental fitness capability to the users of Microsoft Teams, globally. This timely innovation for the post-pandemic hybrid workplace will help millions of employees to prevent burnout and improve their mental health and productivity.

Mental wellbeing has a significant impact on productivity, as high as 35%. This is becoming even more critical when Gen Z and Millennials, who are 3 to 4 times more prone to stress and anxiety, are fast becoming the majority of the workplace. This is leading to 92% of the CEOs having increased focus on mental health.

Inspired by how ‘10,000 steps’ revolutionised physical fitness a decade ago, Joye weaves mental wellbeing into daily work-life to help the users to build and sustain a mental fitness habit. Microsoft Teams administrators can easily turn Joye on for the whole organisation with one click from the Teams’ app store.

“In our world of hybrid work, companies are rethinking their employee experience strategies to bring together communications, knowledge, learning, insights and well-being to help employees become their best selves. With innovators like Joye, Microsoft Teams users can enjoy options to build and cement their habit of mental fitness and personal well-being, as they use the Teams platform for events, employee experiences, communications and collaboration in a secure way,” said Joanna Lim, Business Group lead, Modern Work & Security, Microsoft Singapore.

“Our design-thinking revealed that in the matters of the mind, it is the timing of the care that matters the most. Getting the right suggestion when you are down and confused is more powerful than a thousand mental wellbeing apps on your phone. This is exactly what Joye does, and why it is different from anything you have seen in mental wellbeing to date. Joye analyses your work patterns in Microsoft Teams with extreme privacy and delivers timely suggestions to measure and manage your wellbeing when you may need it the most. This is empowering every employee in the hybrid workplace - especially when they are lonely, overworked and stressed.”, said Sanjeev Magotra, Founder and CEO of Joye.

For example, Joye’s Daily Brew empowers the user to measure and manage their daily wellbeing – think of it as a virtual confidante or a mentor. The user can speak, write, or follow a guided reflection in a safe and anonymised space. Joye’s AI is trained to recognise the user’s unique situation and then assist them with joy-level mood analytics, behavioural coaching, and short podcasts. 

In addition, Joye’s Stress Busters are 2-minute breathing techniques to streamline the mind at that critical time when Joye senses that there is a high probability that stress may be affecting the user’s mental fitness and decision-making.

Joye does not share individual data with the employer or anyone else. Joye follows GDPR guidelines and users’ inputs are anonymised. To help corporations develop data-driven wellbeing programmes, Joye can consolidate the anonymised data as a management dashboard of the daily emotional health of the organisation. This is one of its kind people-analytics designed for the hybrid future of work. 

Organisations can subscribe to Joye’s enterprise subscription licence. Joye’s consultants are working with leading organisations to deploy the service including Banyan Tree Group and Well and Productive.

“As we seek to lay the foundation of a more agile, resilient and responsive organisation, our pilot with Joye is another tool for our associates to apply balance into their daily work-life. At the same time, we are happy to support start-ups like Joye that share the same purpose in creating positive, sustainable change, especially in this time where mental wellbeing and self-care is more important than ever.”, added Ren Yung Ho, Senior VP at Banyan Tree Group.

“The global pandemic has clearly highlighted the importance of keeping mentally fit, healthy and well. Globally we have seen a rapid increase in people reporting that their mental health has suffered and as a result their engagement at work. Workplaces play a critical role in ensuring people are supported in their wellbeing journey, and Joye is a vital tool in the wellbeing toolbox.” added Professor Jane Burns, CEO of Australia’s upcoming workplace mental wellbeing CRC, Well and Productive.

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