JCurve Solutions Announces Rebrand To Reflect Its Evolution Into A Leading Business Transformation Partner

The rebranding work includes a fresh logo, colour scheme and tagline, ‘Advancing Ambition’, as it looks to drive business growth for its partners and customers across the region.

JCurve Solutions Announces Rebrand To Reflect Its Evolution Into A Leading Business Transformation Partner
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

JCurve Solutions, announced a complete rebrand to better reflect the broad range of solutions and services it offers to its customers across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The rebrand comprises a new logo and fresh colour scheme to drive greater consistency between the main Jcurve brand and its four new sub-brands – Optyc, Quicta, Vyzeri and Dygiq – to accurately represent its core solution categories.

The brand architecture and neologistic naming convention are sufficiently versatile to support Jcurve’s continuous business growth, allowing the company to categorise new products and services easily and efficiently in the future. In addition, Jcurve’s new tagline, ‘Advancing Ambition’ aims to encapsulate the company’s mission to work in collaboration with ambitious organisations to drive growth and resiliency through the effective use of technology.

  • Optyc (pronounced op-tic) partners with organisations to automate core business processes, delivering data insights and business efficiencies that will unlock an organisation’s full potential. From finance to supply-chain to sales and marketing and beyond, Optyc provides the visibility and knowledge to help advance ambitions.
  • Quicta (pronounced quick-tah) is a service management solution that enables organisations to efficiently allocate operational resources where they are needed most. From deploying personnel through to digital interactions with customers, Quicta helps drive efficiency in a world where timing is everything.
  • Vyzeri (pronounced vye-zer-ree) is a growth consultancy that partners with organisations to develop resiliency and achieve business outcomes through the effective use of technology.
  • Dygiq (pronounced didge-eek) provides full-service marketing capabilities for ambitious organisations looking to improve their current market position or enter new markets. It consists of a team of marketing experts that understand how to create data-driven, impactful marketing campaigns helping deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

James Butler, Chief Marketing Officer at JCurve Solutions, said, “Our new brand identity is intended to modernise, streamline and champion our authentic business identity of being a trusted advisor to ambitious organisations across the region. We live in an on-demand world and Jcurve is uniquely positioned to help organisations on their transformation journey.”

Since its inception in 1997 providing telecom expense management solutions, Jcurve has evolved to become a leading business transformation provider that offers a broad range of services, from business management solutions and consultancy services to service management and digital marketing services. The company is a trusted partner to over 600 customers and has ambitious plans to grow its customer base in the coming years ahead.

This announcement comes off the back of the company’s continued expansion in Singapore, the Philippines, and its recent acquisition of Rapid E-Suite Pte Ltd’s Thailand operations.