Jakarta Based SaaS Startup, Lummo, Onboards MoEngage To Drive MSME Business Growth In Indonesia And Southeast Asia

Jarkarta-based SaaS startup, Lummo, formerly known as BukuKas has onboarded MoEngage to drive the company’s MSME business growth in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Jakarta Based SaaS Startup, Lummo, Onboards MoEngage To Drive MSME Business Growth In Indonesia And Southeast Asia

Lummo, formerly BukuKas, is dedicated to its mission of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs from MSMEs in Indonesia and Southeast Asia via its SaaS offerings. What started as an app-based book-keeping software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has now expanded into various offerings, including their online direct-to-consumer commerce builder, LummoSHOP

With an 11X growth in Gross Merchandise Value between December 2020 and December 2021, it's fair to say, LummoSHOP has provided a seamless ​​solution for entrepreneurs and brands looking to unlock business growth via online commerce. 

The SaaS company serves entrepreneurs and brands across a wide variety of categories active across digital channels interested in selling to their customers directly (D2C). The D2C SaaS solution will help entrepreneurs manage multiple digital channels more efficiently and create close direct relationships with their customers and build a unique brand presence online. 

The D2C solution allows brands to access insights into purchase history and other customer attributes, essential to meaningful engagement. This is where MoEngage, the insights-led customer engagement platform, slots into the equation, enabling LummoSHOP to provide brands with a deeper understanding of their customers who can offer delightful, relevant, and personalized experiences.   

Lorenzo Peracchione, COO and Co-Founder of Lummo said, “MoEngage has helped us ensure we set up our merchants (entrepreneurs and MSMEs) for success as they onboard our platform. Through MoEngage’s insights-led platform, we can provide contextual and personalized communication across touchpoints enabling merchants to take insight-led actions to serve their customers better. Implementing personalized onboarding journeys with MoEngage, we have been able to achieve a 5% incremental activation rate so far.”

With online commerce becoming more crucial in the post-pandemic world, entrepreneurs are moving towards digital channels to meet their customers’ needs. Lummo’s D2C solution is the need of the hour, helping brands directly engage with their customers.

“LummoSHOP is not only aiding in the rapid growth of online commerce in the region by providing D2C SaaS solutions to MSMEs but is also helping entrepreneurs sustain and optimize their business potential. We at MoEngage, are delighted to partner with LummoSHOP in their journey of driving MSME business growth in the context of Indonesia and Southeast Asia at large. We look forward to scaling together!” said Saurabh Madan, Vice President & General Manager, SEA & ANZ at MoEngage. 

Lummo is the latest in line to join the growing list of thousands of global brands across 39 countries, the likes of XL Axiata, JD.Id, CIMB, Blibli, Alfamart, AllValue, TokoCrypto, Amar Bank, Sociolla, and Kredivo, that trust MoEngage to deliver a consistent, omnichannel, and personalized customer experience.