Inspiring New Film “the Dreams That Drive Us” Commemorates 20 Years Of Porsche Asia Pacific

“In the beginning, I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself.” These words, made famous by Ferry Porsche, echo into eternity for the iconic German sports car brand. Since its inception, Porsche has been ‘Driven by Dreams’.

Inspiring New Film “the Dreams That Drive Us” Commemorates 20 Years Of Porsche Asia Pacific

This pioneering spirit lives on today as Porsche’s global brand purpose, and as regional subsidiary Porsche Asia Pacific turns 20 this year, the company translates this theme in a regional context as it celebrates the power of dreams and believing in oneself with an inspiring film out now on YouTube.

Directed by visionary Singaporean filmmaker Roslee Yusof, the story follows the journey of two young protagonists, pursuing their passions at odds with typical notions of ‘success’.

Along the way, our protagonists face pressure from convention, fear of failure and personal challenges – but in the end, they rise above and achieve fulfilment on their own terms.

“The film celebrates the dreams that drive us – the spirit of staying true to oneself while venturing forward in a world where expectations of gender, culture and success can pull one in many different directions,” said Yannick Ott, Marketing Director, Porsche Asia Pacific.

“We have seen exceptional growth in this part of the world; inspired by the creative force of a youthful population and their personal aspirations, we expect that this region will enjoy one of the most exciting prospects for the years ahead. Against this backdrop, want to reinforce the message that the future is in the hands of those who follow their dreams,” Mr Ott continued.


Encouraging the dreams of the next generation


Acknowledging that some may need a helping hand in pursuing their dreams, Porsche Asia Pacific announced last week a long-term partnership with non-profit organisation United Women Singapore (UWS), supporting their Girls2Pioneers programme. 

The programme reaches out in particular to girls from underserved communities, aged 10-16, to encourage them to pursue their passions in higher education and careers, thus paving the way for a more gender-equal society. 

For two years starting in 2022, the company has committed to a EUR100,000 bursary fund with UWS to disburse funds to a total of 40 female students in the programme. The bursary will defray living expenses, so these women can focus on making their dreams come true. 

In addition, Porsche Asia Pacific and UWS will set up a mentorship programme to help students build confidence and gain valuable advice as they pursue their dreams. 

Internships will also be offered to interested young women from different age groups in the Girls2Pioneers programme, from short holiday internships that track primary- and secondary-school breaks, to more formal internships with tertiary students.