Good Glamm Group’s CMO: ‘Loyalty is difficult to build in the D2C platform’

Apratim Majumder, chief marketing officer at Good Glamm Group, says that direct-to-consumer firms need to be purposeful in their branding.

Good Glamm Group’s CMO: ‘Loyalty is difficult to build in the D2C platform’
Photo by Varuni Khosla on Vccircle

Apratim Majumder, the Good Glamm Group's chief marketing officer, believes that direct-to-consumer marketers must create brands with a purpose. That's what he's set out to accomplish for the company he joined in June. It began as a beauty products company selling the MyGlamm brand online in July 2020 and has since acquired the digital content platform POPxo and Baby Chakra. The company plans to expand into the male grooming and infant products markets. Building excellent brands, according to Majumder, takes discipline and persistence. Majumder said in an interview that the company has changed a lot since he started. The Good Glamm Group was founded as a result of its expansion, which had a $100 million valuation. When asked if there is a difference between developing brands for established FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) corporations and developing brands for startups, he believes that the fundamentals of developing brands remain the same, even if the media changes. As a result, businesses must improve brand awareness and set brand purpose criteria. Because customers are continuously bombarded with a variety of brands and tales on the internet, he believes that enterprises must tell them a storey that must be persistently built over time.

“Loyalty is difficult to build in the D2C platform, and our first principle is that you must build a brand or begin to build a brand with a purpose. There is enough evidence to show that brands with a purpose are addressing specific consumer concerns. Because of the large number of messages that businesses put out, the online medium makes it a little more challenging. The idea is to maintain a level of consistency. When it comes to huge brands, the majority have built their reputations on consistency. To guarantee that we create the brands consistently, we must be extremely diligent. That, in turn, will lead to loyalty,” said Majumder, when asked about brand loyalty.

Currently, The Good Glamm Group have a major focus on offline, with 30,000 points of sale, and he hopes to reach 100,000 by March 2022. To achieve this, they are building trust with their customers through the MyGlamm website, which includes features such as Tell MyGlamm What You Want, where consumers can truly make products that are personalized, and it’s not just marketing. When it comes to D2C in his country, he stated that they ‘haven’t even scratched the surface and the only one way from here, is up.’