Gojek Launches Latest Creative Campaign Encouraging Consumers To Take Off-Peak Rides

The company hands creative reins to student talent to design and launch the latest off-peak brand campaign.

Gojek Launches Latest Creative Campaign Encouraging Consumers To Take Off-Peak Rides
Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

Gojek today unveiled its latest creative campaign o?ering more a?ordable rides to consumers who travel o?-peak. The campaign - ‘O?-peak - For Students, By Students’ - is a company-?rst brand initiative that saw Gojek boldly give full creative license to students to develop a portfolio of assets aimed at encouraging customers to take rides between 9 am - 5 pm on weekdays.

Based on insights from Gojek’s own rider data - that students (aged 18+ years) and young adults travel more o?-peak than any other consumer group in Singapore (according to Gojek’s riders’ data) - the company was inspired to conceptualise a campaign that taps on students themselves to drive brand awareness amongst their peers and the wider public. As part of the initiative, the company is offering cheaper rides nationwide between 9 am - 5 pm, Monday-Friday.

Lien Choong Luen, General Manager of Gojek Singapore, says: “With more people taking advantage of ?exible hours and hybrid working arrangements amid the ongoing ?ght against the pandemic, providing choice and safe travel options remains crucial. Our latest campaign provides customers with cheaper rides when travelling point-to-point between 9 am and 5 pm, as we continue to do our part in keeping Singapore moving safely throughout this pandemic.”

He added: “Taking a creative approach to better serve customers and solve problems is in Gojek’s DNA. By tapping on Singapore’s next generation of thinkers and leaders, we have developed a truly unique campaign that will resonate with their peers and the general public alike.”

Gojek’s weekday discounts for o?-peak rides will be available for all users in Singapore, using code ‘925’, until at least March 2022. After enrolling on the promo code, Gojek users will automatically receive 5 vouchers that provide them with a 50% discount applied on their ride, capped at $5 per ride, limited voucher redemptions per week. The code is available for use during weekdays from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Gojek ‘O?-peak - For Students, By Students’ Campaign

To bring to life its unique campaign concept, Gojek collaborated with a diverse pool of talented students, cast from local tertiary institutions and universities, majoring in business, theatre, music, design, ?lm and communications. Armed with only a simple brief; to leverage their culturally relevant approach with no creative boundaries, 14 students were carefully selected to contribute to the campaign. The end result was an exciting portfolio of engaging above-the-line content that speaks to both students and the general public alike.

The campaign features a total of 11 unique assets across ?lm, audio and digital media, comprising a variety of playful and dynamic concepts that will resonate with target audiences most likely to be taking rides during o?-peak hours. Concepts included ‘OTW’ (On The Way), a visual placement that highlights the culturally common practice of one stating that he/she is on the way to a destination but has actually just got into a ride; and ‘Yelling Man’, a hijack of a well-known meme leveraging a surprising creative element to capture attention on audio. The campaign’s suite of content was produced entirely in a day, with only minimal external support provided to the students as necessary to make the project a reality.

As an extension of the ‘O?-peak - For Students, By Students’ campaign, which has provided a unique creative platform for students and young people, Gojek also announced it will o?er four internship placements (lasting 3-months each) to students in Singapore. The internship placements will be for the 2022 calendar year within its local creative and marketing teams, providing candidates with a unique insight into Gojek’s business and allowing them to explore their creative passions further. To apply, eligible students from local tertiary institutions and universities simply have to create a TikTok ad showing how they would get people to ride Gojek by 30 November 2021, using the hashtag #GoAcademySG. For more information, please visit, link.

The campaign, developed in partnership with creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore, is now live across Gojek’s owned channels. It will be accompanied by PR, digital and social e?orts alongside out-of-home placements in Singapore in the coming weeks. To view the ‘For Students, By Students’ campaign assets, visit Gojek Singapore’s YouTube channel.