GameFi Aims To Disrupt Existing Practice In Gaming And Finance Industry

GameFi is the first Blockchain platform specializing in GameFi, Play-To-Earn, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Metaverse technology launched in Malaysia.

GameFi Aims To Disrupt Existing Practice In Gaming And Finance Industry
Photo by Alexander Kovalev from Pexels

They aim to help wider public understanding and awareness of blockchain technology by education and sharing insights and resources through games, courses, skills and tools.

GameFi Sdn Bhd operates as both Blockchain Technology Lab and GameFi Education Hub, as a link between DeFi and the broader gaming industry.

While GameFi Malaysia ecosystem is still in progress, it currently offers several professional courses related to GameFi, Play-To-Earn, NFT and Metaverse, as well as access to all the top-notch blockchain and NFT-backed games through their platform and community. 

GameFi platform allows users to access resources for various Play-To-Earn games; their in-game and utility token, NFT characters, crypto assets, game strategies, statistics and explores in new blockchain games.

Record during an interview with Sean Leong, director of GameFi Sdn Bhd, shared his thought on the potential of GameFi to disrupt the existing gaming industry. According to him, GameFi will soon become an important component of the DeFi market and boast a business model that is capable of disrupting the gaming plus finance industry as it currently stands. 

The more than 2.7 billion video gamers worldwide are already very familiar with the notion of scarce digital items, tokenization and in-game currencies. Meanwhile, blockchain technology empowers these gamers in a way that has clear benefits — both financially and in terms of a title's development. Leong believes it is not difficult to imagine GameFi taking increasingly bigger bites out of the global video games market worth $175 billion.   

Leong has hit upon a key trend. Even before the pandemic, the gaming market – which spelt entertainment for people – was thriving. But following the movement restrictions that were imposed to contain the Covid-19 outbreak, it became even more pronounced. 

While the previous blockchain struggled to attract mainstream appeal, GameFi represents the most likely route to widespread blockchain adoption. With the continued development of blockchain technology and nonfungible tokens, GameFi is rapidly evolving out of the proof-of-concept phase and into prime time. 

“In our GameFi education hub, we prepare people with future skills to build resilience and adaptability through the pandemic. Adaptability to the environment is something we’ve all had to put together. At GameFi, we have the knowledge, skills, tools, resources and experience to make it happen.” said Sean Leong, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of GameFi Sdn Bhd. 

GameFi Malaysia (GameFi Sdn Bhd) is the only certified GameFi company and association registered under SSM and recognized in Malaysia. We will create a generation of blockchainers and cryptokiddies by educating how blockchain and cryptocurrency works. Teaching blockchain starting from GameFi could be the best way to drive out misinformation in the long term, and cultivate the first generation of blockchain-native nations. 

If you’re interested in starting your journey to Blockchain or Metaverse, you can visit here or follow their Facebook page.