Ex-Shopback SG Marketing Head Imran Mohamad Appointed As New Head Of Marketing For Aimazing

Key responsibilities include regional branding initiatives to support global ambitions and work with omnichannel partners to enable first-of-kind physical shopping experiences.

Ex-Shopback SG Marketing Head Imran Mohamad Appointed As New Head Of Marketing For Aimazing

Aimazing, Singapore’s preferred retail data platform for mall management, has today announced its recent new addition to the company’s executive team. Imran Mohamad has been appointed Head of Marketing and in his new role he will be responsible for overseeing the overall brand and marketing objectives of the group, including shaping the brand’s positioning and market strategy 

Imran brings more than nine years of marketing experience in marketing strategy and general management. He last served as the Head of Marketing for Shopback Singapore where he was responsible for customer acquisition and revenue maximisation for the platform. He was also Director at Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI) representing more than 900 business members and overseeing an Enterprise Singapore-supported incubation programme, Protege Kita.

Prior to this, he provided marketing consultation and end-to-end services to listed and growth companies under The Leverage Group with performance, social media and influencer, launch and global PR campaigns.

“With physical retail being disrupted at an unprecedented rate, we are at an exciting time in the industry. Aimazing is ready to scale our solution into multiple markets in the world, entering as the best player in the market for malls to understand all real-time sales data happening every day. Our ability to communicate our unique value proposition to leading and boutique retail mall managers, and co-create the ultimate retail experience with partners, while building long-term and strong relationships will be key to anchor the company as the leading real-time retail sales data analytics player. Imran has the right experience and capabilities to lead the work on the marketing front,” said Jun Ting, Chief Executive Officer of Aimazing

“He brings a perfect mix of organisational leadership, marketing experience and digital expertise that we’re looking for to significantly increase the effectiveness of our communication efforts, partnerships and channels.”

Imran said: "This is an incredibly exciting time to be part of Aimazing. The company is changing the game in retail with a patented solution that will transform how data within shopping malls is acquired, unified and analysed to create a trifecta of wins - for the consumers, for the malls, and for the retail merchants. With our most recent project successes and progress with leading market players and cities around the world, it’s exciting to grow the team and projects to truly be the ‘Google Analytics’ of physical and omnichannel retail.. I am delighted to be able to take this success story forward and we are already planning various digital and communication strategies for the coming year.” 

The official appointment came in before Aimazing launched its retail analytics to enable mall operators to leverage technology to capture, structure and sort real-time retail transactions. To drive the conversation forward, Imran also hosts a category-defining podcast interview show on ‘The Future of Retail Asia’, alongside CEO Jun Ting. The show aims to bring to light what retailers can expect in the foreseeable future by engaging experts and stakeholders in the market, such as Mr Lim Ming Yan, Chairman of Singapore Business Federation and former Group CEO of CapitaLand Limited.

The retail-tech company also recently appointed GROW public relations, a boutique PR agency in Singapore that works with venture-backed start-ups and SMEs, as their agency on record. The PR agency has a proven track record of helping aspiring high-growth companies grab a great share of the market by providing them with the attention that they need.