Evo Foods Announces Partnership With US Biotech Giant Ginkgo Bioworks To Develop The Best In Class Animal-Free Egg Proteins

Evo Foods is a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company operating in the United States and India that merges Indian crop biodiversity and cutting-edge science and technology to create the next generation of plant-based substitutes for animal products starting with eggs.

Evo Foods Announces Partnership With US Biotech Giant Ginkgo Bioworks To Develop The Best In Class Animal-Free Egg Proteins

Evo Foods, an alternate protein startup headquartered in the U.S. and India, has announced a cell development kit-based partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks, the leading horizontal platform for cell programming, to develop animal-free egg proteins to potentially create ingredients for the most realistic plant-based eggs.

Ginkgo Bioworks offers an established cell programming platform that will be leveraged to develop these animal-free egg proteins, supporting Evo’s goal of creating the best in class range of egg alternative products.

"As consumers and food brands alike call for more sustainable food options, we are excited to collaborate with Ginkgo to work to pioneer a new class of animal-free ingredients," said Kartik Dixit, CEO, Evo Foods. "Evo is committed to playing a part in feeding our ever-growing world and this partnership will support us as we develop next-generation products in this market."

Founded in 2020, Evo is focused on creating animal protein replacements that can be swapped out for their conventional counterparts seamlessly. The company notes that current animal-free egg products on the market are still lacking in terms of taste, texture, nutrition and functionality. Working with Ginkgo is hoped to be one of the final puzzle pieces in Evo’s vision to achieve vegan egg superiority. 

"Ginkgo is always looking for new ways to help developers solve massive societal challenges through the use of biology, and partnering with Evo Foods to create more sustainable food ingredients is the perfect opportunity," said Jason Kelly, CEO and Co-Founder, Ginkgo Bioworks. "We're excited to help Evo make delicious food ingredients sustainably."

Ginkgo will be providing its Cell Development Kit (CDK) service in this partnership. These are designed for cost-effective cell programs to be launched while significantly accelerating the project timeframes traditionally needed to create engineered proteins. To learn more about Ginkgo CDKs, please visit here.

Shraddha Bhansali, Co-Founder of Evo Foods “Our vision at EVO has always been to remove animals from the food chain. We believe our partnership with Ginkgo will greatly help us in this endeavor by satisfying customer needs for affordable, functional, delicious and better eggs that will make traditional eggs redundant.” 

Evo looks to end animal agriculture for egg production with its developments while increasing food security. With roots in Mumbai and a recently established U.S. presence, the startup leverages India’s crop biodiversity to power its existing products, which include the “world’sfirst” heat-stable boiled egg analogue.

The current egg market is $227B globally and $2B in India. 1.3 trillion eggs globally are produced and sold across the world. Egg production is an ethically and environmentally controversial industry considering more than 7 Billion chickens are used for their laying ability each year. Evo envisages minimizing the need for animal eggs and promoting the use of plant-based eggs or vegan egg substitutes.