EventX Acquires Land On The Sandbox

The first event SaaS company to create event-focused metaverse space in Web 3

EventX Acquires Land On The Sandbox
Photo by EventX

EventX, an Asian-focused event technology company providing hybrid event management solutions for businesses and marketers today releases a report titled, “EventX: Metaverse & Event Trend Outlook 2022”, that provides extensive baseline data on event trends - ranging from virtual/hybrid events to the emergence of metaverse - that will play a crucial role in the evolution of the event industry in 2022 and beyond. 

The company surveyed 1,500 event organizers and experts across large enterprises and small-to-media businesses in Asia about their views on event settings. 70% of them planned to host hybrid or virtual events in the coming 12 months, with “digital footprint for analysis”, “enabling digital transformation” and “provision of flexibility and variability” being the first 3 most important elements needed for online experiences. Respondents also rated “Education & Learning”, “Employee engagement”, “Showcase”, “Entertainment streaming” and “E-commerce” as the top 5 beneficiary sectors for running virtual events. 

The Top 5 Beneficiary Sector For Running Virtual Events

With over 80% of marketers agreeing holding events in the metaverse could positively impact their organization’s revenue, EventX also sees the need to seek a continuation of virtual event trends in the metaverse. Therefore, the company has acquired an undisclosed amount of virtual land on the decentralized digital real estate platform, The Sandbox, to gear up for the metaverse shift.

The purchased virtual land will be used for building an event-focused digital world. It will allow organizers and marketers to hold conferences and events, create virtual experiences to shift from Web2 to Web3 in light of the metaverse’s emergence, and prepare for a more digital future.

EventX in Sandbox

Being at the forefront of event technology companies to shift into web3, EventX will further tap into metaverse-associated solutions that support a digitalized world and stay ahead of advances in this ever-changing technological environment. The company is as committed as ever rolling out new initiatives down the line to help enterprises and brands to drive business performance with its extensive expertise in event management, including the upcoming launch of a VR solution together with the investor HTC Vive. 

“Hybrid events are likely to overtake in-person events even in the post-pandemic world, and the world will expect more advanced technology to enhance the experience of going to an event. Striving for continuous growth, we will be ramping up our metaverse strategy to get our clients prepared for the new digital age,” said Sum Wong, CEO of EventX.

EventX aims to enable marketers to generate leads through running virtual events, which can save 90% of the cost. Built with smart features such as all-in-one CRM management, event analytics and email sending tools to streamline invitations, EventX’s hybrid event platform strives to serve companies of all sizes to let them spot new business opportunities by enhancing audience reach, helping small and medium enterprises or even the startup community to strategically harvest leads through engaging and interactive events with its extensive expertise in event management. To date, the company has empowered 70% of the universities in Singapore and Hong Kong in hosting virtual career fairs or information days which successfully drove a 15% increase in oversea attendees on average.