Escrow Protocol's Upcoming IDO Is Set To Launch On FantomStarter

Escrow Protocol, a decentralized Web3 accelerator and crowdfunding platform, has announced its upcoming Initial DEX Offering on FantomStarter.

Escrow Protocol's Upcoming IDO Is Set To Launch On FantomStarter

Escrow Protocol uses blockchain to guarantee transparency and leverage financial security in managing DeFi funds by providing smart contracts with to-be respected agreements for the investment process.

Initial DEX Offering is a permissionless crowdfunding platform that helps projects launch their token using a decentralized liquidity exchange. Escrow Protocol will launch the IDO for its ESCROW token on FantomStarter as its powerful cross-chain launchpad resonates with Escrow Protocol's approach.

FantomStarter is a cross-chain launchpad that brings the most promising new ideas to the digital asset marketplace. It has a rigorous curation process in which projects are selected and receive support from the industry investors to maximize the project's IDO success. It has helped several projects launch their IDOs and has expressed their excitement for the upcoming Escrow Protocol's IDO.

"We've been at the forefront of multi-chain funding and IDO's and we’re eager to work with Escrow Protocol's innovative mission to push the boundaries of a user-friendly and all-inclusive investment platform. Their cross-chain launch strategy captures more blockchains, opportunities and a wider range of investor rewards," says Cary Kokkonen, Director of Marketing at FantomStarter.

Upon the successful completion of IDO, Escrow Protocol will become a step closer to empowering investors by giving them complete control over their investments. The project works on the time-tested concept of Escrow to ensure a fair and transparent crowdfunding process such as ICOs.