Elfo Advances MWC Barcelona 2021 Plans Virtually, Debuts ElfoBOT

The company has opted for the virtual exhibition due to travel restrictions.

Elfo Advances MWC Barcelona 2021 Plans Virtually,  Debuts ElfoBOT
Andrea De Santis on Unsplash

elfo, a company specializing in marketing and advertising technology, advances its MWC Barcelona 2021 plans with the GSMA virtually this year, from June 28 to July 1.

Joining key industry leaders from across the globe, elfo will also introduce elfoBOT, an AI-driven chatbot, in its existing line-up of intelligent proprietary platforms to help businesses integrate into their digital channels and boost customers engagement and satisfaction.  

“We are excited to officially debut elfoBOT at MWC Barcelona 2021,” said Sri Yosephin, Head of elfo. “As one of the few Kuala Lumpur-headquartered companies that have attended and exhibited at the largest mobile event of the world for the past three years, we’ve seen the growing need for the majority of businesses to attend to their surging customers’ requests and queries.”

elfoBOT joins the line-up of five other digital solutions and platforms, including:

elfo's growth hacking tools, as well as advertising and campaign management platforms, will take center stage at the event to help businesses across different industries grow their digital reach, target hyper-specific audiences in real-time, and automate personalized customer engagement.

“An easy-to-build platform that incorporates machine learning and natural language processing, elfoBOT joins elfo’s marketing and advertising technology arsenal, to personalize automation technology,” said Yosephin. “This allows for faster deployment, especially since it is accessible even for non-technical staff.”

Some of the key features of elfoBOT include: 

  • Compatible with more than 14 popular channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, etc.  
  • Natural language processing (NLP) with predefined natural language understanding (NLU) engine to respond accurately to requests and queries. 
  • Voice bots that enable voice-driven interactions through voice recognition. 
  • Flexible deployment models that support cloud, private cloud, and on-premise. 
  • Built-In Bot Marketplace that offers over 200 templates with a demo to suit different brand needs. 

As more conversations have moved online, AI-powered chatbots have been the preferred choice for customer support interactions between businesses and their customers, especially when the chatbot is intuitive and humanlike.

Besides minimizing business operation costs, elfoBOT helps maintain dynamic conversational customer service experiences by planning and mapping out both humanized and personalized interactions between the bot and users in just minutes.

“Our main goal for elfoBOT is to help our clients, whether they’re SMEs or multinational businesses, rapidly deploy digital solutions by developing the simplest process of employing a customer-facing digital platform,” added Yosephin, who is one of the delegates attending this year’s hybrid MWC Barcelona 2021.

elfo has also invited potential and existing partners to join its delegates at the event, including U Mobile.