Elevating Brands' Impact Through Art

Shiyu Serah uses her magical touch of art to transform brands to make an impact within the business and social community.

Elevating Brands' Impact Through Art

Companies who are looking to make an impact and difference for their brands can do so through art. This is where Shiyu Serah, a local artist, comes in. 

Serah possesses the ability to use her talent in arts to give a company's brand a breath of fresh air, whether it is a rebranding, projects or even unique ideas for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

“I can turn something ordinary into an extraordinary masterpiece,” says Artpreneur Serah. “There was a saying that goes, 'one man's junk is another man's treasure. For me, I can turn almost any unwanted items into something valuable, or even as collectable.” For Serah, this is where she can offer her unique services to companies that want something extraordinary for their brand or campaigns. 

Serah labels her services as Art Marketing, and she advocated that using art for branding or campaigns can make a stronger impact on the companies' target audience that leaves a lasting impression. 

One of Serah's recent projects involved using jewellery embedded into a piece of art called la femme beauté.

The collaboration between Angie Jewels & Co and herself saw a resounding success when Serah placed both a handcrafted necklace and a pair of earrings onto her painting of an elegant lady. The art, which Serah helped to create a unique story for the jeweller, garnered much enthusiasm and interest among potential clients for Angie Jewels & Co. 

Another successful project that Serah completed was a stunning painting of an Ox, called Red Auspicious Ox, using Arissto’s coffee. The collaboration caught the eyeballs of netizens via various social media channels, which created publicity and generated potential coffee brand leads. 

“This is one of the many marketing strategies that I can implement for brands who are interested to incorporate art into their campaigns. This can be turned into unique selling points for companies who wish to make an impact on their audiences and leave them with deep memories,” Serah enthuses.

A Meaningful CSR Campaign for Lasting Memories

She also pointed out that with her skills, she can transform recyclable items into something valuable. Leveraging this is a powerful CSR campaign, especially creating publicity and awareness for environmental care.

“We can communicate values through art such as the reduction of food wastage and recycling. There is also a possibility to turn this into a sustainable DIY programme among their staff and consumers by breathing new life and repurposing discarded products and items,” shares Serah. 

“This, I believe, will elevate the brand's value among the market as it provides clients with an authentic brand messaging that speaks directly to their ideal clients to create effective, professional, and on-target branding, strategies as well as marketing collaterals through a unique, fun, creative and collaborative processes.”

Serah shares that creating a great and unique CSR message to the audience requires strategic planning, and she is ready to jump in to offer some ideas and execution methods. 

“This is part of my services which I hope I can contribute.”

The Making of Artpreneur Shiyu Serah

Since the tender age of three, Serah has developed an interest in drawing. She got her inspiration from her mother, who was a housewife, but loves to draw.

Her love for drawing has grown into a fiery passion for all things art, leading her to become a full-fledged artist by profession. 

Her journey as an artist wasn't a bed of roses as she suffered from temporary blindness after a hard object hit her eye during work it wasn’t easy for her and she battled this suffering alone. 

For 6 months, Serah was not able to open her eyes, and her world is in darkness. Though depressed, she continued to fight on and after 6 months, her vision returned and Serah began to appreciate the colourful world around her again. This rekindled her passion for art and that’s when she started to capture them into her mesmerising art pieces. “Making art calms and heals me, and I am glad that I have found my joy again after those excruciating months.”

Her art mainly centred on nature and animalism, and then she began to evolve to do more than just acrylic painting – transforming everyday products into stunning masterpieces. Each of her masterpieces carries a story and she hopes that these stories will inspire the audience as well as for generations to come. 

“I sincerely hope that the art pieces that I've created will inspire many, whether they are artists themselves or people from many walks of life. I hope that they can also open up their eyes and heart to appreciate the beauty around them and to further inspire creativity wherever they go,” Serah shares. 

Serah aims to be an influential artist who inspires creativity among budding artists and anyone who has an interest in the arts. That became her motivation to further push the boundaries of her talents and skills. 

“I’m always improving myself to be better every day. During my journey as an artist, I've realised that inspiration is everywhere and the only limit is the sky. Possibilities are endless, and I am in constant pursuit of how my art is going to turn out next!” Serah shares excitedly. 

“To be honest, I don't want to do just a one-time art, like a one-hit-wonder. I want to create something that can last for at least 50 years, or even better, a legacy. That's my ultimate dream,” she adds.

Serah established her own company called Windsly Designs in 2015. It is essentially a branding and marketing company that has helped many brands in making a mark in their respective market. Their services also include brand strategy and planning effective marketing processes for companies who wish to take their brand a notch higher. 

In 2019, Serah then moved to Singapore where she established Serah Arttrie. She conducted an array of workshops on painting and art therapy. The establishment also became a platform where artists collaborate and conduct workshops.