Edotco Group Pledges To Prevent Corruption On Integrity Event Day

Asia’s leading telecom tower company commits to the highest level of integrity and transparency.

Edotco Group Pledges To Prevent Corruption On Integrity Event Day

edotco, one of Asia’s leading telecom tower companies, signed the Corruption-Free Pledge (“Ikrar Bebas Rasuah – IBR”) with Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). The pledge reaffirms its commitment to create a bribery and corruption-free society and contribute towards building a better world.

The IBR was pledged by the edotco senior management team led by Adlan Tajudin, Chief Executive Officer of edotco Group, in the presence of the Chairman of edotco Board Audit Committee, Abraham Verghese, together with the MACC’s Deputy Director of Community Education Division, Tuan Mohd Tarmize Bin Abdul Manaf. The ceremony took place at the Axiata Tower, KL Sentral, earlier today.

“Today’s pledge marks as an important milestone for us as it reaffirms our commitment to promote integrity and good governance across our footprint. We are devoted to building an organisation with the highest level of integrity and transparency, and this step moves us closer to building a better society and better world,” said Azzahraa Annuar, Director Governance, Risk & Compliance.

The IBR by MACC is an initiative that emphasises on the pledge and oath voluntarily taken by the organisation’s leadership and employees to ensure that everyone is accountable when carrying out their duties to deter them from engaging in any corrupt behaviour.

Azza added, “The company will be well-governed if actions and decisions are taken with integrity and without any corrupting influence. A sustainable company assures a successful future for its employees and stakeholders. edotco is committed to carrying out its responsibilities as we continue to support MACC’s effort in fighting corruption.”

Also present at the event is Faroze Nadar, Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact Network (UNGC) Malaysia & Brunei, who also gave a talk on the global fight against corruption and the role of corporations entitled “The Pathway to Leaving No One Behind for the Decade of Action – Fixing Corruption”.

The signing of the IBR is also part of edotco’s group risk & compliance efforts in getting the ISO 370001 Anti-Bribery Management System certification by 2023. The company is also collaborating with UNGC on the implementation of Anti-Corruption Collective Action.