Digi Joins Telenor In Setting New Guinness World Record For E-Learning

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) employees joined their Telenor peers across the Nordics and Asia recently to prove that they are determined to be at the forefront of upskilling to meet the rapidly changing demands of global customers by setting a new e-learning world record.

Digi Joins Telenor In Setting New Guinness World Record For E-Learning

Telenor Group has set a new Guinness World Records title for most users to take an online personal development lesson in 24 hours. The record attempt which started on 27 October at 1.00 pm (Malaysian time), ended at the same time the following day with a total of 4,504 Telenor employees who completed an online course on Growth Mindset. Digi is the top three Telenor Business Units with the highest number of participants.

“We have built a culture that encourages our employees to continuously up- and reskill for their personal development as well as to adapt to the changing business and customers’ needs. It is inspiring to see how Digizens wholeheartedly embrace this challenge and fully utilise the opportunity given to strengthen their knowledge and skills,” said Elisabeth Stene, Digi’s Chief Human Resource Officer.

Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset course that was chosen for the Guinness World Records attempt promotes the benefits of applying a growth mindset in both the employees’ business and personal lives. Research indicates that when leaders promote a growth mindset and provide an environment where employees feel safe to fail and make mistakes, there is an increase in creativity, learning, and innovation.

Among the Telenor learners who completed the badge was Pang Jo Fan, Head of Special Projects in Digi’s innovation arm Digi-X, who said that the personal development course has helped broaden his horizons.

“Going through the Growth Mindset Badge was a great refresher on how we should be looking at all challenges as new opportunities for a breakthrough, and that there is always more than one way to solve any problem. I’m also excited to have had the experience of being a part of a global world record-setting event even while working from home,” said Jo Fan.

Personalising employees’ learning journeys

Back in 2018, all Telenor employees, including Digizens, were challenged to complete at least 40 hours of impactful learning and education each year. The initiative has proven to be a success, and in 2020, a record number of 53.5 hours of upskilling was conducted by Telenor employees on average.

“Since we started the 40-hour Challenge four years ago, we have seen the increasing hours of learning year after year in Digi. In 2020, the average online learning update for each Digizen was recorded at 60 over hours, significantly higher than the previous year. This proves that Digizens did not allow working from home to hinder their learning, as they continue to be committed to upskilling themselves,” added Elisabeth.

The company also hosts its own learning portal called Telenor Academy. Additionally, this year, based on its many years of experience with internal learning processes, Telenor has also rolled out the ‘Telenor U’ platform. This online platform, which sits within Telenor Academy, is a self-developed learning ecosystem that structures each employees’ personal learning journey.