DDB And Breadtalk Group Introduce Lamppost Furoshiki Carryall In Aid Of Charity

DDB's upcycling initiative to raise funds for the Community Chest.

DDB And Breadtalk Group Introduce Lamppost Furoshiki Carryall In Aid Of Charity
Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Singapore DDB Group Singapore is returning with The LampPost Project in partnership with BreadTalk  Group, a leading local F&B brand. Focusing on sustainability and celebrating all things local,  the collaboration this year will see The LampPost Project produce Furoshiki carryall cloths for charity packages sponsored by BreadTalk Group.  

Since its launch in 2017, The LampPost Project has upcycled National Day banners and flags into commemorative tote bags and other merchandise in aid of non-profit organizations and rallied nationwide support from Singaporeans and local business leaders.

Sewn from upcycled National Day banners by seniors and less-privileged Singaporeans, this year’s flagship product is the collapsible LampPost Furoshiki carryall. Each bag comes with a selection of handpicked local favorites and sustainable merchandise from BreadTalk  Group, including a premium insulator bag and signature Fragrant Chili Sauce (170g) from Din  Tai Fung, a limited edition mask holder from S? Ramen, a reusable metal straw kit from the Food  Republic, a reusable face mask from Food Junction, a local favorite Durian Kaya bottle  (225g) from BreadTalk, and best-seller 2-in-1 Kopi Sachet (6 sachets x 32g) from Toast Box.

The reusable LampPost Furoshiki supports global efforts to reduce packaging and invest in more sustainable methods of packaging and transporting groceries.

Retailing for S$38 (worth S$60 in value), the limited-edition range will launch online at Lamppoststyle.com during July. Supporters can bolster the donation by gifting purchased charity package(s) to the Community Chest for distribution to their beneficiaries.  BreadTalk Group will also donate one hundred units of Furoshiki charity packages to the  Community Chest. The proceeds will support the sewers and benefit the Community  Chest’s elderly homes.  

“We are very proud to present the LampPost Furoshiki as both a symbol of our national pride and a commitment to sustainability,” said Sharon Goh, Creative Director at DDB Group  Singapore. “The LampPost Project not only champions upcycling but also gives  Singaporeans an opportunity to give back and support those in need.”

“BreadTalk Group is proud to be part of the LampPost Project 2021 which champions sustainability, giving back, and a celebration of all things local - values that the Group feels  strongly for,” said Mr. Cheng William, Group Chief Operating Officer at BreadTalk Group  Private Ltd. “The LampPost Furoshiki charity pack is a meaningful way of merging these ideas while spreading some National Day joy through a carefully curated selection of local delights and sustainable merchandise from our brands. We sincerely hope that Singaporeans  will support this project generously as we celebrate the nation’s birthday by lifting the less  fortunate around us.”

The LampPost Project 2021 is also recognized by the Singapore Government’s City of Good  NDP campaign (Cityofgood.sg/national-day). The 'Together, Singapore Cares' movement celebrates the spirit of doing good in the community, particularly around National Day. The initiative is a collaboration between SG Cares, the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre,  the National Council of Social Service, and other partners.