Beyond The “Pink Dollar”: Championing The LGBTQIA+ Towards Equality And Diversity

The participation of big corporations in LGBTIA+ events such as Pride Month, National Coming Out Day, and the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia has grown routine.

Beyond The “Pink Dollar”: Championing The LGBTQIA+ Towards Equality And Diversity
Photo by James A. Molnar on Unsplash

Indeed, when businesses are considered to be profiting from LGBT causes, this may be a source of criticism within the community.

However, it is easy to forget that these displays of support for LGBT customers and employees are limited to specific countries. People living in countries where governments are hostile or opposed to LGBTQIA+ initiatives and reforms to the LGBT community rarely have access to corporate solidarity. 

In the Philippines, members of the community are all too often subjected to bullying, discrimination, and maltreatment. There are policies in place that appear to be strong on paper but have not been enforced effectively. Awareness and information are greatly lacking which is why the country still struggles to achieve a great level of acceptance for its LGBTQIA+.

But for Everise Philippines, one of the country's burgeoning BPOs, it’s all about welcoming and nurturing a diverse range of people — especially members of the LGBTQIA community. 

“Fostering team awareness around the importance and benefits of diversity: Part of our Everise University digital learning platform includes training on diversity and how to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures,” said Dennis Francisco, Director of Digital Marketing.

Everise launched a campaign called "Love Experience" (LX) that aims to represent the company's commitment to "encourage empathy and acceptance of all," as well as the "LX Heartbeat Headset" to "spark dialogue about how change must come from within" via a rainbow-inspired headset (which as we all know, obviously, universal in the BPO industry).

“Across the globe, we help our team understand the importance and benefits of diversity and inclusion. We foster an active conversation around important social topics and work hard to make a difference in the communities where we work. At Everise, we believe that great companies revolve around great people.” 

The company has consistently safeguarded employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

“Inclusive and equitable policies have been a part of our DNA since we were founded in 2016. Our anti-discrimination policies, from our recruitment processes to our promotion practices, are an essential part of our winning culture and our ongoing success story.”

When it comes to marketing efforts, fundamental company values, and public support for equality, diversity, as well as employment and same-sex benefits -- Everise has proven that companies may be a true champion for LGBTQIA+ equality if they show their actual dedication. 

“Pride month is not the only month of the year we celebrate pride, it’s in every corner of our offices all year round with fun, engaging activities, and digital initiatives. Some of our social media campaigns highlight Pride with our People of Everise series, and we drive LGBTQIA-related content on our website to educate how the Pride community plays an important role in shaping our workplace culture.”

It's critical to recognize which companies are truly advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights, whether through public support, partnerships with LGBTQ organizations, policy support, or a commitment to a safe and accepting workplace, especially if you identify as LGBTQIA+ and want to work for a company that will welcome and support you.

When asked about Everise’s future plans re: A) Pushing for anti-discrimination bill/law in the Philippines; Pushing for marriage equality, and C) Pushing for gender recognition law in the country, Francisco said “Everise envisions a world in which every member of the LGBTQIA family is free to live their truth without fear of repercussions, and where everyone is treated equally under the law.”

Francisco declared a voice of support once the opportunity presents itself “Everise will actively participate to push for laws that provide our Philippines LGBTQIA community safety and equality with laws that prohibit discrimination and better provide for the people of the LGBTQIA community.”

A company that prides itself on being a great place to work for LGBTIA+ people and chases the "pink dollar," but does little to combat the persecution of those same people, may face justified questions about its genuine dedication to the community.

The expanding workplace diversity and inclusion agenda, as well as the copious "pink dollar," may be the reasons businesses are doing more to push LGBTIA+ equality at home. But, despite any potential commercial advantages, businesses must consider the human cost of doing all it can to safeguard LGBTIA+ people. 

Ultimately, “By welcoming the LGBTQIA community into our inclusive culture, we can help role model the benefits and value of equitable workplaces. Put another way; we can show the world that our diverse and inclusive Everise culture is a competitive advantage that can benefit everyone.” Francisco said.