Apple May Soon Approve The Usage Of Face ID With A Mask In The Next iOS Update

Technology evolves rapidly to make people's lives easier in the midst of the pandemic.

Apple May Soon Approve The Usage Of Face ID With A Mask In The Next iOS Update
Photo by Juli Clover on MacRumors

Apple appears to be testing a feature that enables users to unlock their phone using Face ID without removing their mask. According to snapshots from Brandon Butch on Twitter and MacRumors, the first developer beta for iOS 15.4 contains a screen that asks if you want to be allowed to enable Face ID while wearing a mask at the risk of lesser security. FaceID will use the area surrounding the eyes to recognise a person and unlock the iPhone, according to screenshots provided by Twitter. It does warn, though, that the feature will only work 'most accurately' when set up for complete face recognition.

Photo by Brandon Butch on Twitter

"When FaceID is set up for full-face recognition exclusively, it's the most accurate. FaceID can authenticate while wearing a mask because iPhone recognises the distinctive features around the eye area," Apple explains while setting up the feature.

A melting face, love hands, biting lip, multi-racial handshakes, and other new emoji will be available in iOS 15.4. iOS 15.4 is now in beta, with a public release expected in the upcoming weeks. While the exact models that will be supported are unknown at this time, it's safe to assume that this feature will be available on all iPhones and iPads that support FaceID, which includes the iPhone X and newer models, as well as the second-generation 12.9-inch and second-generation 11-inch iPad Pro and newer models.

Photo by Apple Hub on Twitter