AJ Marketing Is Expanding Services In APAC

AJ Marketing is a leading digital and influencer marketing agency in APAC. With 8 local offices across the region, AJ Marketing is now expanding services with a mission to help international companies to enter Asia markets.

AJ Marketing Is Expanding Services In APAC

Who are we?

AJ Marketing is a full service marketing agency that focuses on influencer and digital marketing solutions in Asia. Established in South Korea in 2019, by Arthur Sabalionis and Joon Kim, AJ Marketing has moved its headquarters to Singapore in 2020. In 2021 AJ Marketing opened additional offices in Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

AJ Marketing is expanding its services by adding additional marketing solutions, including marketing strategy, product localization, influencer marketing, online advertising, digital billboards and more.

AJ Marketing is utilizing newest marketing technologies to achieve its mission - open up Asia markets to more international businesses.

Why Should Brands Pay Attention to the APAC Market?

International brands are increasingly focusing on Asia. The Asia-Pacific is a dynamic region with various cultures and consumer behaviours. There are 4.3 billion consumers in Asia and they are leading the world in digital transformation including internet adoption and social media penetration. It creates opportunities to enter these markets fast and scale business digitally.

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers in Asia are shifting towards digital. Online shopping via live streaming is thriving. Mobile spending is increasing. Time spent playing games and on social media are breaking records.

New marketing trends are also emerging as digital and social media marketing is now preferred by consumers instead of traditional marketing techniques. Influencer marketing is one of the most popular strategies in Asia where its worth is predicted to reach more than 2 billion USD by 2024. 

Two of the most valuable consumer ideologies in Asia are authenticity and trust. Therefore, consumers prefer genuine influencer testimonials over the paid advertisements.

Expansion of AJ Marketing Services

AJ Marketing is expanding operations in APAC in 3 main areas: influencer partnerships, creative production services, and digital marketing.

First, AJ Marketing has partnerships with more than 7,000 influencers on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter from 8 countries in the APAC region. These influencers range from various niches including fashion, beauty, tech influencers, gaming influencers, health & fitness, celebrities, singers, and etc, that can reach more than 1.3 billion followers.

Second, having a local creative team, AJ Marketing supports content production. It involves creative content planning, influencer and model booking, venue scouting, shooting and filming with professional cameras, and postproduction. Creating the best-localized ads for brands looking to market their products in APAC.

Third, AJ Marketing ensures a full advertising solution via media buy services. Which include advertising on the Google Display Network, Social media advertising (TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram), digital billboards in major Asia cities, metro, movie theatres, etc.

Having local teams in Asia enables AJ Marketing to leverage local networks. Including language and marketing resources. Due to long term cooperation with influencers, AJ Marketing can offer the best pricing, without compromising quality, speed, and flexibility. The agency is trusted by international brands such as BMW (MINI), Bytedance (TikTok), Alibaba Group, and AMD.


The APAC region is leading digital transformation globally. In Asia over 2 billion people are connected through social media and consumers are shifting towards digital experiences.

In this environment, it is important for brands to create a marketing strategy that is digital and mobile-friendly. It could be challenging to set up a marketing campaign without experience in a region as dynamic as Asia. Therefore, working with a local partner is crucial.

AJ Marketing is focusing on delivering the best digital and influencer marketing strategy. The agency is able to deliver localized campaigns by country, with flexibility, good value, and great quality.

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