AirAsia Chooses Netcore Cloud For Its AI-Powered Email Delivery

airasia has announced its partnership with Netcore Cloud, the largest email service provider in Asia.

AirAsia Chooses Netcore Cloud For Its AI-Powered Email Delivery
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

airasia super app, the leading travel and financial platform unicorn in the Asia Pacific—providing air transport, travel and lifestyle products, and financial services have announced its partnership with Netcore Cloud, the largest email service provider in Asia. By leveraging Netcore Cloud's proprietary Email API and in-house AI engine, the collaboration is set to offer airasia, lightning-fast email delivery and superior inboxing.

airasia has diversified from an airline platform to become an ASEAN Super App and unicorn. Towards connecting more effectively with a wider pool of audiences, email has become an important medium for airasia. Netcore Cloud’s expertise and best-in-class technology will enable the Super App to achieve better speed and a higher rate of inboxing with increased relevance. Netcore Cloud is expected to benefit the platform in terms of vision, growth, as well as speed.

Netcore Cloud Email API (formerly Pepipost) is a simple, fast, scalable, and intelligent email API for applications that rely on email. The platform’s superior inboxing capabilities went far beyond what airasia had seen with its prior email service provider. In addition, airasia's customers started engaging more often and more meaningfully with the brand on the email channel. Within a brief trial period of 90-days with Netcore Email API, airasia witnessed an upliftment in consumer engagement on the email channel both in quality and quantity.  

Speaking about its partnership with Netcore Cloud, Ravi Shankar, Chief Growth & Digital Officer, airasia Super App said: “Integrating with Netcore Cloud was a seamless process, with their proactive support and simple integration. Within a few days of our trial period with Netcore Cloud, we were delighted with the remarkable results of our email program delivered. Considering the ROI that we are experiencing now, we are certain that signing up with Netcore Cloud was indeed a value-for-money decision.”

Following this association, airasia will be armed with targeting tools for better segmentation,  boosting their open and click rates.

“We are elated by the confidence of airasia in our email technology. We understand the speed at which businesses are transforming and how technology can support this growing need. With airasia onboarded, we have further strengthened our position as the best email service provider in the SEA region. We also look forward to scaling effectively and sustainably in the days to come,” said Saket Jha, Chief Revenue Officer, APAC & MEA at Netcore Cloud.

Netcore Cloud today represents the largest email service provider in Asia; it is also the first in the world to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in its innovative email delivery platform. Beyond email delivery, Netcore Cloud also offers AI/ML-powered marketing automation and a customer engagement platform empowering 5,000+ brands to elevate their customer experience. Some notable brands in Malaysia that benefit from Netcore Cloud are Fave, TNG Digital, PizzaHut Malaysia, McDonald’s Malaysia, Celcom, Star Media Group, Standard Chartered Bank and BonusLink.