Chinese New Year Is A ‘Time For Joy, Not Pain’, Panadol’s New CNY film

“Making the ‘love letter’ pastry is truly a labour of love

Chinese New Year Is A ‘Time For Joy, Not Pain’, Panadol’s New CNY film

Panadol, the flagship brand of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), launched their new heart-warming Chinese New Year commercial titled ‘#TimeForJoyNotPain’. The campaign stays true to the Brand’s purpose of freeing people from pain so that their human spirit can shine because the biggest blessing during the Chinese New Year is to share the joy with our families.

Chinese New Year is usually one of the busiest times of the year with families thronging the malls to purchase decorations & stock up on supplies for the much-awaited reunion dinners. But this year, our Chinese New Year traditions could get impacted due to travel & social distancing restrictions. Saatchi & Panadol in its 2-minutes short-film, depict a story of two brothers who went through great lengths to keep the fondest tradition of Chinese New Year alive – Ah Ma’s love letters. 

Despite the pain and challenges, both brothers did not give up and made laborious attempts to mold their Ah Ma’s signature ‘love letter’ pastries for the whole family to enjoy on reunion day. In the midst of it all, they were still able to find a reason to have joy.

“Making the ‘love letter’ pastry is truly a labour of love. It is said to be a way to relay affectionate messages in the earlier days, and its consumption would mean that the message is taken to heart. This valuable insight became the film’s bedrock to showcase family togetherness through centuries-old family traditions.” said Bryan Wong, General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare Malaysia.  

Wong added, “This Chinese New Year, families may find it difficult to come together due to the pandemic; but, we at Panadol, believe that family traditions can still be observed in a safe and smaller scale by making the little moments special.”

“We understand that pain can occur at any time, and sometimes the effect of pain may make it harder for us to focus on life’s important moments. With this campaign, we want to remind consumers that Chinese New Year is a time for joy, and Panadol is here to support them in their moment of pain so that they can get back to creating moments that really matters with their family,” Wong added.

The short film is scheduled to air across all Panadol social media channels across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, digital and Chinese TV networks from January 2021. As part of its integrated campaign, Panadol will launch a contest on its Facebook and Instagram during Chinese New Year, inviting netizens to share their favourite Chinese New Year moments & win prizes.


GSK Malaysia
Marketing Head: Muthoni Laibuta
Area Marketing Manager, Panadol: Joakim Nordin
Category Manager, Panadol: Abhisek Panda
Brand Manager, Panadol: Guan Kit Chan

Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Creative Director: Mithun Mirji 
Senior Art Director: Grace Gumala
Senior Copywriter: Wayne Fernandez
Associate Account Director: Yijun Yeow 
Director: Sufyan Sam’an
Executive Producer: Wan Shafie