100 Platform Partners, Nine Countries, 22 Months: TechStorm Grows At Meteoric Speed As It Closes Series A Fund Raising

TechStorm is available in nine Asian countries, reaching 43 million viewers.

100 Platform Partners, Nine Countries, 22 Months: TechStorm Grows At Meteoric Speed As It Closes Series A Fund Raising

The region’s fastest growing 24/7 Asian esports and tech-centric entertainment channel, TechStorm, today announced a major milestone of securing its 100th platform partner. This expansion of influence across nine countries, achieved at a meteoric speed of under 22 months since its inaugural launch on 25th March 2019.

TechStorm is available in nine Asian countries – Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brunei, Sri Lanka and Taiwan, reaching 43 million viewers.

Debbie Lee, Founder of TechStorm, said: “I am very thrilled to announce that TechStorm made history with our 100th platform partner launched in January, right off the back of our 9th country launch in Taiwan just 3 months ago. This is an incredible feat that our team knew from the get-go of our startup journey we had the potential to deliver and exceed.”

“The love and support from all our partner platforms and viewers across these nine countries has filled my heart with gratitude; without that, we would not have taken our growth journey this far.”

“2020 has been an explosive year of growth despite challenges from the global pandemic, our dedicated A-team’s stellar track record has proven that it is totally possible to dream big and reach for the stars even further in 2021.”

As part of this 100th platform partner announcement the company is celebrating with an inaugural celebratory marketing campaign to thank all partners and viewers.

Pop culture-angled Brand Refresh

Alongside this milestone, TechStorm has unveiled a vibrant, new brand package that will greet its viewers in all nine countries come 1st February 2021. The initial concept logo was previously developed by Paris based Dream-On – a multi award-winning broadcast design company responsible for creating some of Europe’s most iconic media brand identities – before it was fully adapted by a Singapore team for greater usability and cultural relevance in Asia.

“It is time to move forward with a new look in 2021, one that aligns TechStorm as an aspirational tier one media brand, to more accurately reflect the star power, the pace and tempo of the Asian esports and tech scene, and one that resonates with the internet generation through strong gradient palette commonly seen in most social media and tech brands,” said Lee.

“This is part of our process of continuous improvement, putting the “Kaizen methodology” into action for both our product and our brand. The vivacious neon colours in the new branding toolkit design and channel branding reel mirror the diverse entertainment value of TechStorm and to build affinity with our energetic Gen Z and Millennial viewer segments.”

Over-Subscribed Series A Funding

To add to the company’s phenomenal commercial traction, TechStorm has announced the completion of its oversubscribed Series A funding round which was snapped up by international business heavyweights. This included Jason Chen, CEO & Managing Director of Gryphus Capital, Golden Hill Asset Management, and Professor Wong Poh Kam, one of Singapore’s tech ecosystem’s most reputable thought leaders; this alongside a roster of ultra-high net worth angels and family offices.

TechStorm’s earlier pre-Series A investors included high profile tech venture capital firm Majuven.

TechStorm Grows Year on Year

TechStorm is already widely distributed as a basic entertainment offer on the region’s leading, dominant platforms including: AIS PLAY Channel 251 and AIS PLAYBOX in Thailand, Dialog TV Channel 62 and MyDialog OTT in Sri Lanka, StarHub Channel 420 and StarHub TV+ OTT, Singtel TV Channel 260 / Channel 18 and Singtel TV GO OTT in Singapore, Sirius TV Channel 10 in Malaysia, Dimsum Entertainment in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, First Media Channel 333 and FirstMediaX OTT, Telkomsel’s MAXstream OTT, Genflix OTT and Telkom’s IndiBOX OTT in Indonesia, 4gTV Channel 109 in Taiwan, Cellcard TV OTT, SingMeng TV Channel 251 and Splus mobile TV in Cambodia. Sky Cable Channel 212, Cablelink Channel 351, Cignal Play OTT and via Omnicontent Management Inc. across 85 leading MSOs and provincial cable systems in the Philippines.