OpenAcademy Launches #StayOpen With A Mega Guide Together With 100 Marketers To Help Businesses Stay Open In 2021

Will you #StayOpen in 2021? Coming together to help the business community get back on their feet!

OpenAcademy Launches #StayOpen With A Mega Guide Together With 100  Marketers To Help Businesses Stay Open In 2021

OpenAcademy launched a campaign called #StayOpen in hopes to help businesses  #StayOpen with a compiled mega guide from marketers and business owners.  The mega guide consists of tips, advice and lessons compiled from 100 seasoned  marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners across the region. This mega guide is free to download and accessible to all!

OpenAcademy is dedicated to sharing real-world, straightforward and no fluff educational  programmes that are tailored for students, startups, business owners, teams and more. 

With that thought in mind, we thought ‘What if we were able to bring 100 industry experts  together and get them to share business and marketing insights for 2021 to help businesses?” 

And this became reality with the #StayOpen campaign in hopes to to help businesses in need  #StayOpen in the year 2021. OpenAcademy has compiled tips, advice, lessons from 100  seasoned marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners across the region into one mega  guide free for all to download. This initiative is to give businesses a guide to boost and have a  head start moving into the year 2021! 

“Businesses are going through a challenging time, and we too faced similar struggles. We  believe that, above all, knowledge is and will be valuable for everyone and we hope that this  guide can provide that!” – Celine Ting, Managing Director of OpenAcademy. 

With insights from companies like iQiyi, Sephora, Techstars, Baskin Robbins, BurgerLab and  more and from various industry experts from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, USA  and so on all compiled into one place to provide you with the ultimate guide into marketing  answering some of the burning questions like:  

“What to look out for in 2021? What can affected businesses do to do better in 2021? What  leadership style is needed to keep businesses afloat? People are not buying my products, what  can I do?”  

And more! 

In Malaysia alone, over 42.5% of companies predict that companies will take over 6 months to  recover.  So for businesses that want to get a head start prepping for 2021, this ‘Mega Guide on  Marketing’ is available now and free to download for all at