Thales Speakers' Bureau: Civil & Defence Experts To Ponder Quantum Tech, 5G, Digital Identity, Cybersecurity & AI

Thales invests 4 billion euros a year in R&D, and a third of its 83,000 employees are directly involved in these projects.

Thales Speakers' Bureau: Civil & Defence Experts  To Ponder Quantum Tech, 5G, Digital Identity, Cybersecurity & AI

Thales announces the creation of the Thales Speakers’ Bureau as a platform for its in-house  experts to share their experience and demystify the innovations that will shape the world of  tomorrow. With fewer possibilities for face-to-face contact, Thales proposes to create new opportunities  to connect with its customers, its ecosystem and the general public, and to explain complex,  vital issues in simple words.

Quantum technology, 5G, cyberdefence, cybersecurity, biometrics, AI, self-driving cars,  drones… Thales experts will remove some of the mystery surrounding the technologies that  will shape the world of tomorrow. 

In a world that continues to grapple with big issues such as mobility in the context of climate change,  globalisation in an age of pandemics, the need to ensure safety and security while respecting people’s  privacy, and our added reliance on online interactions at a time when cyberattacks are on the rise,  Thales sees technology as part of the solution to the challenges our planet faces. But technology alone  is not enough. Today more than ever, we need human intelligence, knowledge, perspective and  education, because that is how technology will drive progress and help to build a future we can all trust. 

With the Thales Speakers’ Bureau, the Group is providing a platform for a diverse sample of in-house  experts to demystify subjects ranging from quantum technology, 5G, cyberdefence and  cybersecurity to biometrics, AI, self-driving cars and drones. Speakers will also include subject matter specialists with a passion for issues such as sustainable development, frugal AI and  autonomous trains, as well as business experts capable of explaining global trends in the transport,  space, defence, security, cybersecurity and aerospace sectors.

Through this platform, customers, industry stakeholders, conference organisers and members of the  media can call on experts taking part in the Thales Speakers’ Bureau to share their knowledge and  insights on key societal and technological issues. The Thales Speakers’ Bureau can be accessed here at any time from a computer or mobile phone. 

Our objective is to explain, in simple words, a range of issues that may be complex or difficult to grasp  by letting our in-house experts speak. Behind every important issue, there are men and women working  away unnoticed. We want to listen to what they have to say and share their unseen expertise as widely  as we can, and we hope they will inspire new generations of men and women to be the researchers,  engineers and architects of tomorrow’s world.” Peggy Nahmany, VP Communications, Thales.