ADARA: Surge in travel activity between HK and SG

There’s an increase of 38% for average weekly searches and 83% for average weekly bookings from Hong Kong to Singapore

ADARA: Surge in travel activity between HK and SG

ADARA, the global leader in permissioned data and verified identity solutions recently released a set of data on the emerging consumer trends in the wake of an air travel bubble arrangement between Singapore and Hong Kong.

While the future of travel remains unclear, the gradual lifting of restrictions are beginning to point towards more distinct travel behaviours. ADARA’s data reveals a sharp rise in travel activity since the bilateral travel bubble agreement between Singapore and Hong Kong was reached –with an increase of 38% for average weekly searches and 83% for average weekly bookings from Hong Kong to Singapore. With travellers no longer required to serve a quarantine period when moving between the two countries, they are not only eager to start travelling again, but are also looking for longer trips. According to ADARA’s data, over 87% of travellers wish to travel for at least 4 days and are planning ahead for their travels instead of booking trips at the last minute.

In addition to pent-up travel demand since the onset of COVID-19, travellers may be taking advantage of the current regulations to travel while they can and are planning for their trips more extensively, indicating a deviation from the pre-COVID ‘micro-vacation’ trend.

As this travel bubble arrangement becomes more established, and agreements between different countries are being negotiated, all early signs point to a slow but steady recovery of the travel industry, and correspondingly, a positive shift in consumer intent to travel for the near future.

1. Searches to Singapore from the top 5 origin airports 

Origin Airports/ Countries: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Perth and Tokyo 

2. Lead time in searches to Singapore 

3. Length of Stay 

Length of stay for travellers from Hong Kong travelling to Singapore 

Key Insights 

Travel bookings to Singapore and Hong Kong are set to increase since the establishment of a green lane between the two countries, 

  • Average weekly searches have increased by 38%.
  • Average weekly bookings have increased by 83%

People are now looking at traveling to Hong Kong 31-60 days ahead of their trip, with an 11% increase in travel interest. 

  • Prior to the announcement, travel bookings from Hong Kong to Singapore used to be more last-minute or were made more than 3 months in advance. 

Since the announcement of a green lane arrangement between Singapore and Hong Kong, people are searching for longer trips, even though a quarantine window has not been implemented.