Delvify Releases ‘The SMART Guide To Visual AI’ To Inspire Next Generation Online Shopping Experiences

New report to encourage eCommerce businesses to adopt AI powered Visual technology to help customers discover and shop what they see

Delvify Releases ‘The SMART Guide To Visual AI’ To Inspire Next  Generation Online Shopping Experiences

Delvify has released a new report “Visual AI – the SMART Approach” to encourage  eCommerce businesses to adopt new Visual AI technologies and help customers  ‘discover and shop what they see’ with Visual Search and Personalised  Recommendations. This definitive report, the first of its kind, aims to demystify Visual  AI tech and help eCommerce businesses delve into how they can transform their  customer experiences and revenues in the same way that Big Tech companies like  Taobao, Amazon and Pinterest have.  

With a rapid rise in demand for Visual Search amongst Millennials and Generation Z,  early adopter brands that support Visual Search can expect a 30% increase in digital  sales. Whilst COVID-19 has helped boost eCommerce sales in the short-term,  providing an inspiring customer experience is now the primary differentiator, no longer  product, price or brand. With 86% of customers willing to pay more for a better  customer experience, there’s never been a better time to embrace Visual AI as a  means to drive user engagement by helping customers discover products 5X faster  and increase conversion rates by creating a seamless customer journey. 

Delvify’s report provides a simple, all-you-need-to-know guide to how Visual AI works,  how it can help transform your eCommerce business, the barriers to adoption you’ll  need to overcome, the various Visual AI solutions out there, the results and outcomes  you can expect and what to do next.  

Charles Allard Jr – entrepreneur, investor and the driving force behind Delvify – commented “our vision is to create motivational online shopping experiences that  inspire customers – think “point, shoot and shop!” Allard goes on to say that “it’s  imperative that eCommerce brands embrace next-generation AI powered Visual  Technology today for product recognition, discovery and personalised  recommendations, so that they can differentiate themselves with customer  experiences that actually inspire customers.” 

To download a copy of the report visit here.