Suppagood PR Appointed As LUXE City Guides Official Representatives

Now it is also available digitally

Suppagood PR Appointed As LUXE City Guides Official Representatives

Focusing on strategically growing their business by diversifying their offerings, Suppagood PR (part of the Suppagood Collective), has been appointed as Official Representatives for LUXE City Guides.

Suppagood PR as LUXE City Guides Official Representatives

LUXE City Guides has made its name with beautifully designed pocket-sized print guides to destinations across Asia and the world.  Now also available digitally, the guides are witty, opinionated, and always to the point.  In both versions, Resident Editors, professionals in the creative industries and passionate about their cities, provide rigorously curated and constantly updated insider recommendations on all the best places to eat, drink, shop, sleep and relax. 

“I’ve loved LUXE City Guides ever since I laid my eyes on it more than 12 years ago. Getting to understand more about how they do what they do, just solidified my enthusiasm for them even more,” says Eugenie Chan, Founder and Chief Vision Officer of Suppagood PR. 

What many don’t know is that they provide a host of custom travel related editorial solutions. They often collaborate and can create relevant itineraries or provide white-label information to  hotels, fashion brands, co-working spaces, event organisers and more to wow their customers. 

“Suppagood PR has always been a pleasure to work with, and they were a natural choice to appoint. As an added bonus they had heard about us, and loved LUXE City Guides even before we brought it up,” mused Simon Wescott and Anjali Nihalchand, Owners and Directors of LUXE City Guides. “They represent our ideal customer, and together we are committed to spread the eloquent joy that LUXE City Guides bring to our discerning readers,” they added.

Suppagood PR looks forward to speaking to other agencies and communication executives to find synergies and collaborate on LUXE City Guides.