#legend Partners With 15 Top Influencers To Launch Samsung’s New Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Celebrating innovation and collaboration, while embracing individuality

#legend Partners With 15 Top Influencers To Launch Samsung’s New Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Award-winning magazine #legend has created an exclusive digital-first campaign for Samsung, one of the world’s biggest tech companies, to launch their new Galaxy Z Flip 5G smartphone. 

“Collaboration was crucial in bringing our project to life, and not just amongst the influencers featured in it. Our team at #legend worked very closely with Samsung to lift the creative and take the campaign to another level,” says Angelina Teng, business partnership manager at Legend Publishing. 

In the creative campaign, #legend partners with 15 top influencers in Hong Kong to create a series of candid visual assets, half of which were shot and directed by #legend, and half were shot by the influencers themselves. To create a series of high-impact and engaging personalised content, the campaign emphasises authenticity – from behind-the-scenes videos, photography art direction to captions, all were executed by the creative team at #legend, with originality at the forefront. To leverage the 15 influencers’ massive audience to drive buzz, while remaining real and relevant to each of their unique group of followers, the campaign harnesses the power of collaboration and social media, by pushing the content regularly every week for a sustainable, long-lasting and impactful result. 

Celebrating innovation and collaboration, while embracing individuality, the digital-first campaign is an ode to the freedom of expression. To maximise campaign exposure and engagement, #legend has enlisted a diverse list of influencers to ensure the content resonates with the general public for a maximised reach. From the hottest fashion icons du-jour, to young design entrepreneurs and professional athletes, the 15 influencers are: 

• Anna Ng 
• Jamie Xia 
• Christoffer Cheng
• Angela Chan 
• Sue Chang 
• Charles Lam 
• Cecilia Yeung 
• Rene Chu 
• Travis Li 
• Noel Li 
• Faye Tsui
• Feiping Chang
• Jennifer Yu 
• Aiko Yeung
• Pony Pong

Read more about Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Flip 5G and the exclusive campaign online at @hashtag_legend and here