The Global Beauty Giant Avon Chooses Insider To Brush-up Online Shopping Experiences With AI

Insider to help Avon eliminates marketing waste

The Global Beauty Giant Avon Chooses Insider To Brush-up Online Shopping Experiences With AI

AVON—a 130-year-old brand—renowned globally for its niche beauty, household, and personal care products, joins hands with Insider to deliver highly-individualized multichannel experiences to online beauty shoppers worldwide.

Insider’s Growth Management Platform helps 800+ top brands including UNIQLO, New Balance, Toyota, Mediamarkt, Estee Lauder, Virgin, Marks & Spencer, Yves Rocher, AVIS, Dominos, Nissan, BBVA, IKEA and CNN connect customer data across channels, predict the future behavior with AI and individualize experiences across channels with precision to drive their growth. Insider helps global brands eliminate marketing waste by improving ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), optimizing CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) as well as increasing Conversion Rates, AOV (Average Order Value), and LTV (Lifetime Value). 

“While the top 20 cosmetics brands dominate the brick-and-mortar business, taking in 90% of sales in the offline space, these companies only claim 14% of online business. This shows the untapped potential beauty brands have in the online space. Cosmetics brands offer a myriad of choices to beauty shoppers who are all very unique and authentic. Personalizing experiences in the beauty and cosmetics space requires a higher level of precision to meet the specific needs of individuals based on their age, skin type, choice of color, and more. We’ll continue delivering hyper-personalized experiences to AVON lovers worldwide with our AI-backed segmentation capabilities and evolving platform that encompasses new and exciting channels,” said Hande Cilingir, CEO & Co-founder at Insider.

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