NSE Announces Company Rebrand

The company is now embracing marketing-as-a-service

NSE Announces Company Rebrand

NSE, the publisher of Marketing In Asia and a social media management company, today announced a major rebranding as part of a new strategic direction. Since the day NSE opened for business in 2011, the company has earned a well-deserved reputation in the local marketing industry for its content development services before moving into social media managed services in 2014. Among their corporate clients were Al-Ikhsan Sports, Malaysia International Halal Showcase, NanoMalaysia, Halal Expo Dubai, Columbia Asia Hospitals, AXA Affin General Insurance and Xplorevic Australia.

Today, NSE is phasing out the brand positioning as a social media company. According to Azleen Abdul Rahim, the co-founder, the company is now embracing the marketing-as-a-service strategy, focusing on several key elements of marketing beyond just social media.

“I am very excited, really. This is a significant step in our evolution as it reflects the strength of our years of capabilities, hands-on experience and the expertise we have when it comes to digital marketing. It is about time we truly take advantage of our potentials to empower others through various services as the social media related services alone is becoming a commodity, boring and too crowded. The entry barrier in that particular sector is just too low,” Azleen said.

The company is currently talking to several brands, Malaysia and abroad on potential collaborations. For more info about NSE and its services, visit here.