G R U Z Z E Accelerate Digital Transformation For Its Business Stability

Tri Meta Liaztiza Puteri & Kartika I. S. Puteri agreed for its company to go fully digital by 2020

G R U Z Z E Accelerate Digital Transformation For Its Business Stability

The Covid-19 pandemic over the past six months has changed the lifestyle of people not only in Malaysia or Indonesia but also the world. To prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, people are urged not to leave the house if it is not compulsory.

This has led to changes in several sectors ranging from tourism, transportation, malls, and other businesses. Most of the business could not always run its business to its full potential. Due to this, to ensure economic balance, a number of countries finally relaxed policies related to the mobility of their people.

A new lifestyle or new norm was introduced to accelerate the handling of Covid-19 even though they still implement health protocols to prevent transmission with new behaviour patterns.

This pandemic is still not over yet, especially for the MSME sector and many large companies that have been affected. It can be seen by the closure of many shops in malls and businesses that still use conventional systems.

To overcome this, Tri Meta Liaztiza Puteri as a co-founder of G R U Z Z E said, “In order to adapt to the challenging condition and to run the business continuously, conventional systems are no longer the best way when this pandemic begins to strike. We have already started preparing the G R U Z Z E platform for the era of digital transformation when this pandemic was in the news. Now our official digital platform is ready to be used by the public.”

In addition, Kartika I. S. Puteri as a co-founder also added that “cultural changes in society and new behaviour patterns were the focus of our company, especially on technological modernization, even our cashier system also uses a digital platform that we have integrated with cashless and paperless systems.”

G R U Z Z E, which has just implemented its corporate social responsibility (CSR) & Philanthropic programmes for the people affected by Covid-19 in the city of Tangerang, Indonesia in the past three months, now this elite leather fashion brand has just released its website exclusively for its patrons and partners, which they can get access directly on the official G R U Z Z E website. In addition, there is not only a landing page platform for buying through its G R U Z Z E e-commerce, but there is also a pre-order system for purchasing capacity with a certain number and criteria, as well as for collaboration with distributors who want to collaborate with G R U Z Z E.

In connection with the launch of the digital platform, G R U Z Z E offers its customers to become Brand Ambassadors by getting the chance to get some privileges and exclusivities, plus customized referral voucher codes that can be used by their friends, family and followers to shop at www.gruzze.com with 10% rebate. Brand Ambassadors will also get 10% commission for every transaction that their relatives or followers make through their personal voucher code.

In addition, the leather goods that customers bought, it will be packaged in premium and beautiful packaging for its complimentary services which followed by free shipping to the destination country, made of premium and exotic leather, handmade and last long generations with developing a beautiful patina which is improving with age, and a lifetime warranty for the better atmosphere.