#ToOurFutureGenerations: Our Decisions Today Determine Our Legacy Tomorrow

Geneco’s latest campaign has the overarching objective of rallying Singaporeans a spirit of hope and humanity

#ToOurFutureGenerations: Our Decisions Today Determine Our Legacy Tomorrow
  • Geneco seeks to instil the message that the decisions our generation makes today will have a part in the legacy we leave for future generations to come 
  • The campaign embodies Geneco’s mission to inspire communities in relation to environmental, social, and cultural topics 
  • The campaign runs from the 27th of July to the end of August 

Geneco, one of Singapore’s leading electricity retailers, remains steadfast in its resolve to serve as a champion of positivity and social advocacy. Through its previous initiatives such as the #PowerTheChange campaign and their ChangeMakersSG initiatives, Geneco has constantly sought to encourage Singaporeans to channel their own positive impact on society and the environment. 

As National Day approaches, the electricity retailer’s next endeavour strives to highlight the dreams and hopes Singaporeans have for their future generations through a series of stories and messages. With this effort, Geneco steps up to inspire present-day Singaporeans into making the right choices and decisions, paving the way for a brighter future for the generations to come. 

Joining Geneco To Shape the Future. Geneco’s latest campaign, which runs from 27thJuly to end August, has the overarching objective of rallying Singaporeans a spirit of hope and humanity by reminding them that the choices and actions taken by its people today will therefore determine if Singapore can emerge from this difficult period stronger. This aligns with what Geneco stands for as an organisation: to power and inspire communities in relation to various environmental, cultural, and social topics. 

Stories for today, Messages for tomorrow. As part of the campaign, Geneco sought out the stories and messages of various individuals, covering the issues of environmental conservation, charity work, and other topics. These will be shared via a series of posts and a video, scheduled to be featured from 27th July onwards, on both Geneco’s Instagram and Facebook pages. 

The stories would feature these individuals’ messages for the future, and the choices and actions they have chosen now to secure a promising future for coming generations. 

“As someone who visits our parks regularly, I’ve always appreciated the beauty and serenity these places bring to our society,” said Doris, 50, a mother of three profiled in the #ToOurFutureGenerations campaign. “As such, I always try to impress upon my friends and family the importance of conserving these green spaces instead of taking them for granted, in hopes that my future grandchildren, and even their grandchildren after them may continue to enjoy the beauty in nature that we have now, and more.” 

“Being a teacher, I consider myself privileged to be able to shape the minds of our future generations, it is what motivates me to give my best in what I do everyday” said Jun Han, 34, a secondary school teacher profiled in the #ToOurFutureGenerations campaign. “My hope for the educators who come after me is that they will similarly never lose sight of the purpose in their profession, and to cherish the part they play in Singapore’s nation building.” 

In another green initiative, Geneco will also be partnering with their ChangeMakersSG partner, Cultivate Central to distribute Micro-Green kits to their existing customers. A total of 550 green kits will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, in line with the theme of Singapore’s 55th birthday. To foster a lifestyle of sustainability and growing your own food, each Micro-Green kit will contain various vegetable seeds, which can be grown into a mini garden at home. 

“While we celebrate the nation’s 55th birthday, let’s also remind ourselves what it took us to be here and remember that we can continue to power through for another 55 years to come,” said Alex Chan, Head of Marketing at Geneco. “At Geneco, we have always been committed to powering energy and positive change to the Nation. With this campaign, we hope our fellow Singaporeans can join us to take action today to leave a brighter legacy for our future generations.” added Chan.