McDonald’s Hong Kong Celebrates “International JUICY Chicken Day”

To celebrate “International Fried Chicken Day,” McDonald’s Hong Kong rename it to “International Juicy Chicken Day”

McDonald’s Hong Kong Celebrates “International JUICY Chicken Day”

McDonald’s Hong Kong have found that Hong Kong people apparently care more about juiciness than crispiness when it comes to fried chicken. With this in mind, to truly celebrate “International Fried Chicken Day” in Hong Kong, McDonald’s Hong Kong, together with DDB Group Hong Kong, have decided to rename it “International Juicy Chicken Day.”

McDonald’s Hong Kong has considerably strengthened its offerings of fried chicken in recent years with the permanent addition of McWings (of which more than 60 million are now sold a year) and “BIC”, or Bone-in-chicken (of which 10 million were sold in the first 4 months since launch late last year), to the local menu.

Customer feedback on these items has regularly lauded them as the juiciest chicken products in town. According to an online survey conducted by DDB Group Hong Kong in June, Hong Kong people care greatly about the juiciness of fried chicken, with 71% of the 226 respondents rating it as the product’s most important and appealing attribute. 

McDonald’s will commemorate “International Juicy Chicken Day” in Hong Kong with a print and outdoor campaign that very clearly showcases juiciness is at the heart of its fried chicken products. The key images show actual waterfalls and rivers of juiciness inside a piece of McDonald’s fried chicken. A series of social media initiatives extend the campaign, further entertaining the public with extremely catchy fried chicken tunes and dance moves.

Andreas Krasser, CEO of DDB Group Hong Kong, pointed out, “Bill Bernbach, one of the founders of DDB, said ‘the magic is in the product’. This campaign showcases McDonald’s fried chicken’s magic by dramatizing its juiciness, which we know matters a lot to Hong Kong consumers. We hope this will be the first of many ‘International Juicy Chicken Days’ to come.”

The campaign will launch on July 6th, International Fried Chicken Day, or as Hong Kong people will call it, “International Juicy Chicken Day”, and run until the middle of the month.