Now Sending: Business Messages Via Google Maps And Search

Google is expanding Business Messages in Maps and Search to support all kinds of businesses

Now Sending: Business Messages Via Google Maps And Search

Messaging has become a valuable way to connect with customers, and people develop loyalty to the brands that make it easy to connect with their customer support. Google has built digital tools to help brands do this, including the ability to message customers through Google Maps and Search, via Google My Business.

Today, Google is expanding Business Messages in Maps and Search to support all kinds of businesses, giving them the ability to integrate Business Messages directly with their customer service platforms. To improve connections with customers, Google has recently introduced new smart replies, visual product carousels, and unique welcome messages. There’s also a smooth transition from automated replies to a customer service agent, so that it’s not disruptive when the customer messages a business.

Some brands that have successfully used Business Messages to make customer care more effective and efficient include:

  • Walmart, which allows customers to quickly find up-to-date information about store hours, pick-up and delivery options, precautions and more, in just a few messages. 
  • MyGov, which with partner, is providing help and answering live questions from Indian citizens about hours, COVID-19 helplines, and ways to donate, for more than 11,000 food and night shelters across India. 
  • DISH, which with partner [24], has seen a reduction of more than 22 percent in average handling times compared to other messaging channels.

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