Reprise & Ford Entice Malaysians To Stay Occupied While Staying Home

‘Stay Home, Stay Occupied’

Reprise & Ford Entice Malaysians To Stay Occupied While Staying Home

Reprise Digital, the full-service integrated communications agency within the IPG Mediabrands network, calls on Malaysians to ‘Stay Home, Stay Occupied’, with a campaign of the same name for Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) Ford. 

The social campaign launched with the announcement of the second extension to the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia intends to run until the MCO is lifted. The campaign builds on the #StayAtHome profile photo of a Ford Ranger covered with canvas. 

Kevin Le, Executive Creative Director of Reprise said, “At the start of the MCO, we posted a photo of a covered Ranger to encourage Ford lovers to stay at home. With news about the extension, we saw an opportunity to add to the narrative by bringing in everyday objects inspired by the fact that more people are doing home improvements. The aim is to populate the car with reminders for keeping busy. We want to spark the inner Ranger to dust off their power tools, dig out DIY manuals and get busy while staying home.”

Ford lovers following the series of posts initially viewed a sports water bottle appear on the car. Subsequent items added every other day include a paint can, broom, hula hoop, toolbox and plant amongst other items meant to tease fans to guess its meaning or usage.

Additionally, special days such as the start of Ramadan, World Earth Day, May the 4th, and Mother’s Day have items embedded to mark its significance to encourage fans of Ford to revisit the page to view new additions to the scene. 

Kevin adds, “Engagement has been positive, with lots of organic conversation being generated, so it’s fun to mark important days, and see how far we go with the trimmings to the car. Of course, we also can’t wait to throw the covers back, and jump happily into our Ford again.”

View the ‘Stay Home, Stay Occupied’ posts here.

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