Now There’s A BPO To Help Extend Your Product/Service Life Cycle

Systematic Insights® helps brands to identify weak spots in the product or service lifecycle by offering valuable information

Now There’s A BPO To Help Extend Your Product/Service Life Cycle

Everise, a next generation BPO that is disrupting the industry by tech enabling customer experience, has received a trademark for its leading Systematic Insights® program and methodology. The company helps brands to troubleshoot, extend, and prolong the life cycle of a product or service.

“We help customers understand the driving issue – what drives those contacts – and resolve it on a global scale; then those customers never have a need to contact us,” explains Peter Butler, General Manager of the Systematic Insights® (SI) program.

By using technology and incentivising customer service agents to acquire pertinent information, Systematic Insights® helps brands to identify weak spots in the product or service lifecycle by offering valuable information.

A key customer of Everise said, “The information we’ve been able to leverage from the SI model has been critical to understanding where our team should focus, and also to represent great case studies of sharing best practices.”

And another added,  “As a result of the SI teams’ work with our business, we estimate that the savings on the support side is roughly 26.8 million dollars.” 

Along with the consultation services, Systematic Insights® helps with business process re-engineering process improvement and enterprise architecture design. Customers can tap Everise to collaborate, or be an outsource services partner for product development consultation, product testing, as well as technology consultation and testing of electronic devices, computer software, and computer hardware.

Everise helps customers throughout the product or service life cycle, including:

  • Pre-release, pre-emptive mitigation of  customer contact costs to identify product bugs or features that are likely to spark customer issues. 
  • Growth stage optimisation through the identification of unobvious factors creating unacceptably high rates of costly hardware returns.
  • Applying statistical analytics to improve perfect service call rates, and 
  • At Late Stage, to extract meaningful voice-of-the-customer insights that inform future product development.

Creating Product & Service Excellence

“A good product or even a proven product, does not always translate to sustained growth,” says Sudhir Agarwal, CEO of Everise. “Our mission is to help brands beat their competitors by turning their consumers into fans, by offering brand experiences.”

A 2020 study conducted by Parks Associates asserts that consumers consistently abandon a brand’s products if the setup process is perceived to be difficult, or if the support options are not ideal. Addressing potential problems before a product is released will impact brand loyalty. Moreover, a user’s expectations may not align with how a product (or service) is designed to work. SI helps to identify and build an understanding of the true customer journey to help identify issues before they occur. The way that Systematic Insights® works is with:

Root Cause Analysis (RCA). A proprietary process which helps definitively target specific areas for improvement. Everise uncovers opportunities, assesses risks, and provides solution strategies for agent training, knowledge and positioning, unexpected product or service behaviour, and more.

Self-help. Analysis of self-help resources, and the customer experience surrounding them, including physical resources (product packaging & marketing materials), online resources (community forums, troubleshooting guides & FAQs), in-app resources, or any other place the user may seek guidance from. By connecting customers to information which permits them to resolve their own issues or clarify their perceptions of expected behaviour, SI has shown significant reduction in support requests, and thus the costs associated with them. 

Communication & Transparency. AI offers a culture of transparency and knowledge transfer that effectively communicate the results of analyses back to the client in a digestible and actionable format. By producing accessible real-time analysis of emerging issues to all appropriate lines of business, we partner with our clients to further reduce the risks associated with large-scale outages and other high-impact issues that would normally produce spikes in contact volume, seasonal or otherwise.

As the saying goes: “For every thousand hacking the leaves of the problem, there is one striking at the root.” Systematic Insights® offers a solution to strike at the root of the issues, minimising support calls for your product or service.

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