Integral Ad Science Is Selected For The YouTube Measurement Partner Program

IAS Chosen For Brand Safety and Suitability Verticals That Advertisers Can Trust

Integral Ad Science Is Selected For The YouTube Measurement Partner Program

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, has announced its selection for the YouTube Measurement Partner Program (YTMP), building on the company’s growing partnership with Google. The YTMP program was created to offer advertisers an array of trusted independent solutions for driving and measuring marketing performance on YouTube.

IAS was selected for the ‘brand suitability & contextual targeting’ and ‘brand safety reporting’ verticals. The combination of these categories gives clients proactive protection and granular control through IAS’s channel inclusion lists and holistic media quality insight offerings. IAS is the only third-party verification company offering both suitability & contextual targeting and brand safety reporting at scale on YouTube. 

“We are proud to be a long-standing Google strategic partner, working together to create an ecosystem where brands can advertise with confidence across Google’s valuable platforms. Through our work with YouTube, we incorporate the power of machine learning and human review to help advertisers reach customers on the platform in brand-safe environments,” said Laura Quigley, MD SEA, IAS. “With challenges, brands are facing with COVID-19, brand suitability is more important than ever in enabling continuity of business online for brands to advertise with confidence. This program aligns IAS’s product roadmap with YouTube, and puts us at the forefront of building innovative solutions that move the industry forward.” 

YTMP provides quality and choice for optimising and measuring performance and helps marketers reach their customers on YouTube. Each partner in the program was vetted by YouTube to ensure that their measurement solutions provide accurate data to its customers.

IAS was selected to be a preferred partner in Google’s Measurement Partner program in 2018 and has since grown this alliance. As a YTMP partner, IAS will receive exclusive training and resources, technical support, and product tools to continue enhancing its YouTube offering. IAS will continue to support Google in establishing industry-leading standards and advanced solutions for advertisers.