Spotify’s Ad Studio Live In Southeast Asia Alongside Global Expansion

Ad Studio allows businesses to create targeted audio advertising on Spotify in a turnkey, budget-friendly way

Spotify’s Ad Studio Live In Southeast Asia Alongside Global Expansion

As people around the world adapt their daily routines, audio content – like music and podcasts – has proven to be essential. On Spotify, we’ve seen listening habits evolve in a variety of ways, including increased interest in news and self-improvement podcasts, more streams of cooking- and housework-themed playlists and listeners gravitating towards “chill” music. For brands, this unprecedented time has required them to creatively and quickly pivot their campaigns as they seek a balance between relevance and sensitivity.

Today, with the goal of helping more businesses in Asia easily and quickly get into the ears of listeners at a budget-friendly price, Spotify is announcing the rollout of an invite-only test of its self-serve advertising platform, Ad Studio in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan with select advertisers in English. At no extra cost, advertisers can upload a script and Spotify will deliver a fully-produced audio ad with background music and voiceover of their choice within 48 hours. This news comes as Spotify announced a global expansion of Ad Studio, making it available across 22 markets, with some markets around the world coming out of beta. During the global beta period, more than ? of Ad Studio advertisers have taken advantage of this free tool.

Driven by a desire to quickly reach audiences via the intimacy of streaming audio, in just the last year, Ad Studio has seen a 68% uptick in monthly active advertisers (Dec 31 2019 vs Dec 31 2018) and the number of ads created on the platform has nearly doubled. The platform was launched in the US in September 2017 and has been rolling out to additional markets around the globe since then. 

Here’s what you need to know about the self-service advertising platform that makes it easy for anyone to create and manage Spotify audio ad campaigns directly. Brands can:

  • Build a targeted audio ad campaign in less than 10 minutes
  • Create a new audio ad from scratch
  • Forecast impression, reach, and frequency estimates based on target audience
  • Track and manage all campaign reporting

“Ad Studio allows businesses of all sizes to create targeted audio advertising on Spotify in a turnkey, budget-friendly way,” said Diogo Andrade, Head of Automation, SEA, HK, TW at Spotify. “In the Philippines, where Ad Studio has been available in beta for two quarters, our clients are already seeing fruitful results from using the platform. We’re looking forward to working with music labels and other brands from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan next.”

“With the decline of radio in the Philippines, it has been difficult and costly for us to reach our target audience,” said Reagen A. Aguda, Digital Media Marketing Manager, Union Bank Philippines. “With Spotify’s Ad Studio, we’re able to reach and engage Millennials contextually through music they love.”