Lalamove Provides Free Delivery For Front Liners

Lalamove, an on-demand delivery start-up company provides free shipping to NGOs, foundations and individual donors during Corona’s emergency response

Lalamove Provides Free Delivery For Front Liners

Lalamove, an on-demand shipping service that covers the Greater Jakarta area is ready to provide free delivery to support supplies for medical front liners.

“We are very concerned about the situation and the impact of the Corona outbreak at this time, so that quite a lot of us are in a difficult situation, especially the vanguard, namely medical personnel. We also see many parties who want to distribute supplies to those who need it but have limited distribution channels,” said Andi M. Rizki, Managing Director of Lalamove Indonesia.

Until now Lalamove has been and continues to work closely with various Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and several communities in distributing aid. This free delivery assistance aims to speed up the distribution process and increase their shipping capacity.

Distribution of gloves to the Provincial Government

“We hope that Lalamove’s concern through this non-medical assistance with free delivery to and from hospitals, government offices, foundations or institutions and individual donors can increase their distribution capacity. We may not be able to help everyone, but we are ready to give our best with all the resources we have to support this community, ” Andi added.

Free delivery from Lalamove is still open to all those who need it during Corona’s emergency response period for NGOs, foundations, organisations, governments and individual donors with a fleet of motorcycles, MPV cars, vans and open pickup. 

For assistance and needs, it can be directly conveyed through here or email us.