LinkedIn Management Service That Can Explode Your Brand

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LinkedIn Management Service That Can Explode Your Brand

What is this product/service all about?

In short, this is a LinkedIn management service. We manage your personal LinkedIn and LinkedIn Business Page for a small fee.

Tell us more.

We fine tune your banner image, profile photo and end-to-end profile information making them strategic and impactful. Then we will work on keyword research, regular posting, engagement, acquiring followers right up to generating leads on your behalf, so that you can focus on your business.

How much?

US$125 per month, per channel.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

Our service is limited to English language only. The customer doesn’t have to do anything except these. They need to prepare authentic content for us such as images, videos, posters or something like that since we don’t do graphic design, video shooting or editing. Ask for our rate card.

This product or service is suitable for? 


Which country or region are you covering?

ASEAN countries.

How to order?

Simply click here.

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